Public street lighting of the Stord bridge

Located on the E39, Stord Bridge is an important bridge in Norway that is 1,077 meters long, consisting of two lanes and a cycle path with an average of 5,021 vehicles per day. The construction of the bridge was dictated by the need to have a fixed triangular connection between the islands of Stord and Bømlo. The road lighting fixtures chosen for the project were able to guarantee normal visual conditions and an improvement in the flow of traffic. The aim of the project was to illuminate the bridge with quality and long-lasting road lighting.

An important infrastructural connection node

Public lighting systems at the service of infrastructures

The construction of the bridge was a major infrastructure project that connected all of Norway. For this reason, road lighting was needed that guaranteed the natural smoothness of the traffic flow and the lighting conditions in accordance with the law.

Road lighting compliant with European standards

AEC’s intervention for road lighting of the Stord bridge used solutions that meet the European directives on the quality and resistance of road lighting.

Restore safety conditions on the bridge

Road lighting resistant to atmospheric conditions

The road lighting of AEC Illuminazione is entirely designed and tested within the Italian Headquarters and subjected to quality tests every day to comply with international regulations. Find out more about the Total Quality System concept, used by AEC to guarantee above-average quality standards.

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