Orchard Road LED lighting

Having created the new LED lighting for the Orchard Road shopping district is a source of great pride for AEC Illuminazione, an example of how the company’s Made in Italy products are appreciated and used all over the world. Located in the heart of the famous business city of Singapore, Orchard Road is a road of 2.2 kilometres where the most important commercial and entertainment activities of the homonymous city are concentrated. An area that in a short time has transformed from a simple spice and fruit market to an economic hub of luxury nationwide. Today, in fact, this avenue, one of the busiest and most crowded in the city, has become Singapore’s main shopping street and one of its most popular tourist attractions. Through this important energy efficiency and environmental protection project, the local authorities wanted to ensure a better visual experience for citizens and tourists through LED street lamps with high visual comfort.

Benefits for the Municipality of Singapore

Orchard Road is now an efficient district

The guaranteed and immediate benefits

Orchard Road LED lighting
Orchard Road LED lighting
Orchard Road LED lighting

Versatile public lighting fixtures

Variety of installation for the Singapore shopping district

Orchard Road was illuminated by 420 luminaires from the Q QUADRO series, a state-of-the-art system that can be equipped with a wide variety of optics suitable for the most diverse installation needs required by the market. The system includes a large variety of arms and poles, a feature that has proved successful in terms of installation flexibility and rapid satisfaction of customer needs. Discover all the advantages that AEC can guarantee to your public lighting project.

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Enhance the city through LED light

The new LED lighting of Orchard Road guarantees a quality light that allows you to enhance the commercial district of the city, enhancing the spaces, green areas and increasing safety for citizens and drivers. Invest in AEC’s Italian quality thanks to long-lasting performance products. Learn more about the benefits guaranteed by LEDs applied to urban lighting.

Enhance pedestrian areas

Make the streets safer

Increase the shopping

Product used

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