LED public street lighting of Milan

The whole LED public street lighting of Milan was one of AEC’s most important public lighting projects. Milan was the first major metropolitan city in Europe to make the decision to completely renovate its light by choosing AEC’s innovative solutions. In 2015, in conjunction with the Universal Exposition EXPO, AEC Illuminazione was awarded the tender announced by A2A for the supply of over 120,000 lighting fixtures from the ITALO series. The “ LED-powered Milan” project has made it possible to reduce energy consumption by 52% and expenses by 31%, significantly improving the usability of the city areas by citizens.

Milan shines again thanks to the new light of AEC Illuminazione

The LED public street lighting of Milan realized with high energy saving fixtures

Thanks to this important energy efficiency project, Milan has completed a real restyling of the city, making it an international reference point. Thanks to the use of LED technology, the Municipality has achieved significant energy savings by using high-quality lighting while reducing maintenance costs. AEC’s smart public lighting systems have also made it possible to automatically vary the luminous flux based on the time of day, ensuring even more important light optimization. Find out more about AEC’s smart public lighting systems.

Smart street lighting

An important energy efficiency project

The LED public street lighting of Milan was a real success in terms of reducing energy consumption, reducing the tons of C02 produced each year and reducing the number of lamps replaced each year (less than 60,000).


Luminaires installed

Number of LED luminaires installed


Savings in Euros

Millions of Euros saved by the city in 2015


Energy consumption

Reduction of electricity consumption


Reduction of CO2 emission

Tons of CO2 produced less every year

LED Street lighting
LED Public Street lighting
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led public lighting
led street lights

Cost reduction and increase in energy efficiency

Solutions for public street lighting at the service of Milan

The LED public street lighting of Milan created with AEC fixtures has made it possible to reduce the average power of each individual lighting fixture from 150W to 75W with an annual energy consumption of 55 million kWh and a reduction of 114 million kWh. Find out more about the advantages of LED technology compared to discharge.

LED advantages

Milan is a more attractive city thanks to LEDs

The LED public street lighting of Milan is certainly the most important public lighting project in Italy. The supply of the lighting fixtures by AEC allowed it to give new light to the city, enhancing the historical monuments, the squares and favouring the usability of the shopping districts by tourists.

Safer roads even at night

The benefits of the new LED public street lighting of Milan

Thanks to AEC’s LED public street lighting solutions, citizens can return to experience the city’s neighbourhoods even at night. The areas of historical and cultural value, parks, squares and nightlife areas can return to shine under a new and high-performance LED light, without causing glare. Discover all the possibilities that AEC offers for your public lighting.

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Product used

Discover the products used for the LED public street lighting of Milan