LED street lighting of Maranello

For the LED lighting of the outdoor area surrounding the highly influential car manufacturer Ferrari, the Municipality of Maranello has chosen AEC to intervene on the new public lighting. In the Ferrari Headquarters, high technology, research, sophisticated craftsmanship and environmental sustainability are integrated in a synergistic way, giving shape to works of art, recognized and appreciated all over the world. Business concepts shared and applied also by AEC to its production reality. The Municipality of Maranello paid particular attention to the redevelopment of this area, choosing to replace the old fixtures with new LED lighting fixtures with a great design and high performance. “City of Ferrari” is the name by which the area that encloses the headquarters, the infrastructures, the research and development centers and the various production plants is identified.

The Ferrari factory shines thanks to the light of AEC Illuminazione

The new LED street lighting of Maranello embellish the streets

To make the structure efficient and sustainable, attention was focused on two main factors: the natural brightness modulated by a well-studied setting of exposures and solar radiation and the environmental control obtained through a clear and smooth workflow. The goal was to increase the energy efficiency of the Maranello area with low consumption solutions and reduced CO2 emissions.

LED street lighting of Maranello

Increased safety for the outdoor areas

Safer outdoor areas thanks to AEC car parking lighting fixtures

The new LED lighting of Maranello’s outdoor areas had the task of ensuring greater safety throughout the area that runs alongside the company. ITALO, one of AEC’s most chosen products for street lighting projects, in fact, guarantees a homogeneous distribution of the luminous flux in the street, improving road visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and protecting the company from malicious people. Find out why to choose AEC products when it comes to safety in outdoor areas.

Car Parking Lighting

Enhance the urban landscape with light

The new LED street lighting of Maranello was created with design solutions that enhance the urban landscape and enhance the architecture of the company.

LED street lighting of Maranello
LED street lighting of Maranello
LED street lighting Maranello

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