LED street lighting of San Sebastiàn

AEC Illuminazione has collaborated with the Public Administration for the new LED street lighting in San Sebastiàn. The costs from the old public lighting systems have been halved thanks to the supply of ITALO, one of the most chosen LED street lamps for energy efficiency projects. The street lighting of San Sebastiàn has ensured high levels of energy efficiency and an increase in safety in the streets and residential areas of the city.

Clearer streets thanks to LED light

Street lighting of San Sebastiàn with high performance and low energy consumption

For the new San Sebastiàn street lighting, the Municipality requested LED street lamps characterized by flexibility of use, modularity and visual comfort. The customer, thanks to the highly professional technical support from AEC, chose the ITALO series based on environmental conditions and hours of operation, achieving maximum performance and reducing the costs of what are some of the busiest streets in the city. Discover all the solutions that AEC Illuminazione offers for your streets.

LED street lighting

Safe lighting of San Sebastiàn

The new LED street lighting in San Sebastiàn had as its main objective to increase road safety in residential and suburban areas with high traffic. Thanks to AEC’s solutions, the local Municipality has reached high levels of visibility which determine an increase in safety for pedestrians and drivers.

Infrastructural enhancement

Increased attractiveness

The solutions for LED street lighting in San Sebastiàn used by AEC have made it possible to enhance the city’s neighbourhoods by increasing their attractiveness.

Greater energy efficiency

Less energy and maintenance

LED streetlights for public lighting have allowed the city to significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs thanks to specific optics for street lighting that guarantee an average lifespan of LED sources greater than 100,000 hours.

High safety in the streets

Greater visual comfort for people

The specific solutions for LED street lighting used by AEC guarantee a homogeneous and uniform distribution of the luminous flux throughout the road, ensuring better visibility and visual comfort for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, reducing the number of road accidents.

Product used

Discover the product used for the new San Sebastiàn LED street lighting