Oslo has new public lighting

Gladengveien is a street on the Ensjø district in the Old Oslo area and runs from Ensjøveien to Grenseveien. The area has been the subject of major infrastructure investments and today constitutes a modern city center with commercial buildings, parks and residential areas. The refurbishment project of the new public lighting had to ensure greater safety, considerable energy savings and, at the same time, improve its aesthetic impact on urban architecture. For this reason, the municipality of OSLO has chosen AEC Illuminazione products, a guarantee for urban and street lighting products.

“Norway is the country where the most advanced civilization coexists in balance with the most powerful nature. Even the light conditions are particular and often extreme: the days without sunset and the endless polar nights, characterize the habits of the citizens. Preserving harmony with the environment and resisting the climate have been the cornerstones of all our interventions in Scandinavia. In Norway we also have an extreme climate with low temperatures and constant changes. For this reason we need very resistant products of the highest quality and this is something that AEC can always provide us.”

AEC Official Partner in Norway

Safer roads thanks to LED urban lighting

Increased safety thanks to the new residential area lighting of ​​Ensjø

The LED lighting of the Gladengveien road has brought significant benefits in terms of energy-saving and lighting quality. The LED street lights used for this project use specific optics for urban lighting that reduce energy and maintenance costs by using superior performance. For this reason, the lighting is sharper, with a considerable increase in the safety of the area.

Urban lighting

Enhance residential areas through light

Thanks to the AEC solutions for the residential area lighting of ​​Ensjø, it was possible to enhance the new urban architecture, modulating the light and highlighting the structural features of the new homes.

Residential area LED lighting of ​​Ensjø

Luminous flux adjustment based on atmospheric conditions

The solutions for public lighting of residential areas designed by AEC can vary the luminous flux based on the ambient light conditions, further reducing energy costs and facilitating installation.

Smart street lighting

Products used

Discover the products used for the new public LED lighting of Oslo