LED street lighting of Tvetenveien Road

The new LED street lighting of Tvetenveien Road has been created thanks to the collaboration between AEC and the partners of the city of Oslo. Tvetenveien Road is an important communication route that runs from Østensjøveien Sud to the Northeast of Bryn and over the years, has been characterized by a high level of heavy road traffic given its fundamental role in Oslo’s infrastructure. In this specific context, an intelligently designed and managed LED road lighting system was able to improve transport and reduce energy costs for the local Municipality.

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The new LED street lighting of Tvetenveien Road guarantees higher performance and reduced energy costs

The Municipality of Oslo decided to completely renovate the lighting of the Norwegian national road 191 coming to the conclusion that the optimal solution was ITALO 2 by AEC Illuminazione. This product made it possible to illuminate the Tvetenveien section in a more efficient way by reducing the consumption of electricity. At the same time, maintenance costs have also been drastically reduced thanks to the long lifespan of the LED sources. Find out more about all the advantages of LED road lighting.

LED Street Lighting

When light is at the service of transport

ITALO 2 has improved the perception of safety by increasing visual comfort along the entire length of the section, improving road conditions for motorists thanks to uniformly distributed light. In addition, the high colour rendering index of the LED sources designed by AEC guarantees travellers a perfect colour rendering, for an even more comfortable and safe driving experience.

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The new LED street lighting of Tvetenveien Road is tested and certified

The city of Oslo awarded AEC’s LED road lighting solutions as a model of quality and innovation. Road lighting is entirely designed in Italy and tested in specific research and development laboratories. Find out more about all the tests that AEC Illuminazione carries out on its products to guarantee long-lasting performance on the roads all over the world.

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