LED tunnel lighting of Nordhavn Tunnel

AEC was chosen by the Danish municipality for the Nordhavn tunnel LED lighting project. The Nordhavn tunnel is the first stop on a new road to the north port of Copenhagen. Nordhavn is an old industrial and port area, planned to be developed in a new urban area in the north-eastern part of Copenhagen. The urban area is expected to have 40,000 residents and 40,000 new jobs. AEC collaborated with the local Municipality for the supply of LED lights for tunnel lighting. In fact, the GALILEO 3 floodlights were installed at the entrance to the gallery where there is a beautiful sunshade structure designed by Møller Architects, while the GALILEO 1 were installed on the inside.

Efficient solutions for tunnel lighting

High performance LED floodlights for greater energy savings

The Svanemølle Administration was able to count on significant energy savings compared to previous floodlights, as well as uniform and comfortable lighting along the entire stretch of the tunnel. Now the tunnel is safe and fully complies with the European Tunnel Directive.

Tunnel and underpass lighting

A large tunnel lighting project

Nordhavnsvej was the largest infrastructure project in Copenhagen in the past 50 years. The importance of ensuring safety and high performance at a structure of this level were of vital importance for achieving the set objectives. Once again AEC’s LED solutions for road tunnel lighting were chosen for their reliability and high technological content.

Tunnel lighting control system
LED tunnel lighting of Nordhavn Tunnel
LED tunnel lighting of Nordhavn Tunnel

The most important tunnel in the city illuminated by AEC Illuminazione

Connected systems to safeguard the safety of people

The tunnel lighting systems used in this project ensured the possibility of optimizing the lighting by adjusting the luminous flux through automatically controlled timed scenes, based on the external lighting conditions. Find out more about the road tunnel systems made by AEC Illuminazione.

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Product used

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