Mount Victoria Tunnel LED lighting

The Mount Victoria Tunnel is located on State Highway 1 in the city of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, and connects Hataitai to the center of Wellington. This is the first major tunnel in New Zealand to have been fully illuminated with LED technology, transforming it into a highly safe and efficient tunnel for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. For the new LED lighting of the tunnel, the “New Zealand Transport Agency” chose AEC by selecting the T-LED3 luminaire. AEC has proposed an extremely safe, efficient, functional and highly energy-saving range. The range is the result of years of experience and professionalism in tunnel lighting.

The first New Zealand tunnel under LED lights

Crisp and uniform lighting for the gallery

For the new Mount Victoria Tunnel LED lighting AEC has proposed one of the best solutions for road tunnels, following the design development in every phase. From optical to electronic and mechanical design, AEC has taken care of every detail in order to guarantee the best lighting service and maximum safety for one of the most important New Zealand tunnel.

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

45,000 vehicles pass through Mount Victoria every day. For this it was necessary to illuminate the tunnel uniformly, reducing the level of glare, allowing drivers to travel at a constant speed and reducing the risk of traffic jams and traffic accidents.

More security

Evenly distributed lighting

T-LED3 guaranteed a uniform distribution of lighting along the entire length of the tunnel, both at the entrance and at the exit, reducing the risk of accidents and reducing speed variations by drivers.

Lower consumption

Efficient lighting

Reduction of energy consumption by using greater performance and reducing periodic maintenance. Rapid return on investment for the New Zealand municipality.

Visual comfort

Reduction of light glare

The LED luminaires regulate the lighting so that it does not cause glare phenomena at the entrance and exit of the tunnel, for a better driving experience.

Reliability for your lighting project

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