LED lighting of the port of Monfalcone

The GALILEO floodlight was chosen for the LED lighting of the port of Monfalcone. The previous 80s discharge lamps have been replaced with 36 new efficient luminaires from the GALILEO series, 12 floodlights for each light tower. The intervention on the new lighting responded perfectly to the required regulatory requirements, ensuring an excellent improvement in energy efficiency with a consequent reduction in costs and light pollution.

Large area LED lighting systems

The port of Monfalcone under the AEC LED lights

The new LED light of the port of Monfalcone was measured and verified at the lighting level during the night, by measuring the lux in 250 points. The results were excellent in accordance with the lighting performance requirements required by the European standard EN 12464-2 and by the regional law (L.R.15 / 2007).

Ports and terminal lighting

port lighting

The advantages of the intervention

The LED lighting project of the port of Monfalcone was an important intervention resulting from the collaboration between AEC Illuminazione and the local institutions. The proposed solutions have achieved the energy-saving and safety objectives of the area.

More security

Prevention from criminals and vandalism

The chosen LED headlights for large areas safeguard the area from criminal organizations and vandalism. Now video surveillance can record videos with higher quality thanks to a perfect uniformity of light.

Greater efficiency

Efficient LED lighting for large areas

The LED headlights used in the port use extremely powerful light sources but use less energy. This allowed a rapid return on investment to the local municipality.

Greater visual comfort

Glare prevention

Greater safety for port workers and operators. Thanks to the LED light, the area is clearly illuminated, reducing the risk of accidents at work.

Products used

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