LED urban lighting of Desenzano del Garda

The new LED urban lighting of Desenzano del Garda also involved the replacement of the old lamps with efficient LED urban lighting fixtures. The Administration needed, in fact, a solution that combined safety, efficiency and design. ECORAYS was chosen for this project: a luminaire designed with a highly efficient optical system, which takes full advantage of the flexibility of LED light, guaranteeing luminous homogeneity and visual comfort.

Made in Italy solutions for urban lighting

Greater energy efficiency and visual comfort for the LED urban lighting of Desenzano del Garda

The LED lighting project on the lakefront in Desenzano del Garda took advantage of the great efficiency of AEC’s light sources combined with the quality of the materials used. Lighting technology with high visual comfort for a homogeneous distribution of the luminous flux.

Visual Comfort in urban lighting

Desenzano del Garda enhanced by light

The Municipality of Desenzano del Garda had as its main objective that of using high-performance urban street lighting fixtures which at the same time guaranteed a pleasant and homogeneous aesthetic impact with the surrounding landscape.

Urban street LED lighting
Urban public LED lighting

Reliable systems for public LED lighting

Greater security in the area for citizens and tourists

The solutions used for the new Desenzano del Garda LED lighting aimed to increase the attractiveness of the area. In fact, reliable solutions for public lighting have been installed, which have increased the safety of the area by improving its usability by citizens and tourists.

Urban LED lighting

Product used

Discover the product used for the new LED urban lighting of Desenzano del Garda