LED tunnel lighting of Mundalsberg Tunnel

The Mundalsberg tunnel is a road tunnel in the municipality of Alver in western Norway, is part of the E39 and is 1085 meters long. The goal of the local authorities was to give new light to a gallery that opened its doors in the early 1970s and which therefore used discharge technology lamps for lighting. The LED tunnel lighting of Mundalsberg Tunnel was carried out by AEC Illuminazione and its local partners, providing for the supply of corrosion-resistant steel LED floodlights , in order to guarantee a reliable and long-lasting system.

LED lighting of road tunnels

The Norwegian galleries under AEC Illuminazione’s LED floodlights

The geographic conformation of Norway means that the road tunnels are vital infrastructures to connect all the cities of the nation. There are over 1100 road tunnels in Norway with a total length of over 800 km. 73 of these tunnels are more than 3000 meters long and there are 33 Norwegian submarine tunnels. With more than 1164 tunnels in the territory, Norway often relies on the intervention of AEC Illuminazione to increase safety and improve the journey of travellers.

Tunnel LED lighting

Greater visibility

Light uniformity

Thanks to the specific optics for LED lighting of road tunnels, the light beam is distributed uniformly over the entire duration of the tunnel.

Visual comfort

Reduction of glare

Reduction of glare phenomena typically originating from discharge lamps with a consequent increase in visual comfort for travellers.

Efficient solutions

Cost reduction

The Mundalsberg tunnel has provided low consumption lighting systems that reduce energy and maintenance costs thanks to a longer life cycle of the LED sources.

LED tunnel lighting of Nordhavn Tunnel
LED tunnel lighting floodlights
LED tunnel lighting of Mundalsberg Tunnel

Laboratory tested LED floodlights

Reliable systems for road tunnel lighting

The total absence of plastic parts, the glass to protect the LED sources and the use of AISI 316 L steel make AEC systems for tunnel lighting some of the most reliable on the market. The products are periodically tested in AEC’s internal laboratory to meet high-quality standards and guarantee performance over time. Find out more about the tests that AEC Illuminazione carries out to certify its products.

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Product used

Discover the product used for the LED lighting of the Mundalsberg tunnel