LED tunnel lighting of Skaun tunnel

The Brekktunnelen located in the small municipality of Skaun, a few kilometres from Trondheim, was illuminated with LED tunnel floodlight from the TLED series and is an excellent example of efficient lighting that is particularly attentive to energy saving needs. The project was carried out in collaboration with the official partners of AEC Illuminazione in Norway and commissioned by the Norwegian road management authority. The tunnel is located in the E39, a strategic road artery with a total length of 1330 kilometres, which runs between Denmark and Norway. The Norwegian section has been converted to a highway only in some sections, near the centers of Stavanger, Trondheim and Bergen. For the rest, the E39 is characterized by particularly tortuous and narrow sections that make it difficult for many heavy vehicles to travel.

LED tunnel lighting of Brekktunnelen

Guaranteed energy savings and long-lasting performance

The solutions used for the LED lighting of the Skaun tunnel ensured safety, reliability and performance over time. Years of experience in tunnel lighting and careful application of the most modern technologies developed within the R&D laboratories, have led the AEC tunnel floodlights to be the reference products for this type of application. Discover all the advantages that LED can provide to your road tunnel lighting project.

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Make the tunnel a safe place

AEC’s LED sources for road tunnel lighting ensure high visual comfort and reduced glare levels, reducing the risk of accidents thanks to a perfect distribution of the luminous flux along the entire length of the tunnel.

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LED tunnel floodlight

Tunnel lighting systems with remote control

Smart systems for tunnel lighting solutions

The luminous flux of the floodlights inside the tunnel is automatically adjusted to increase or decrease the intensity of the lighting based on the external light, drastically reducing the phenomena of light glare towards the driver. At the same time, the LED luminaires turn on immediately following a possible power failure, eliminating the potential dangers associated with the cooling period required for sodium lamps.

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