LED street lighting of Hålogaland Bridge

AEC was chosen for the new LED road lighting of Hålogaland Bridge, one of the longest suspension bridges in Europe and opened to traffic in the summer of 2018. The road lighting project includes the entire length of the bridge, which extends into the far north, 300 km from the Arctic Circle and passes through the city of Narvik, in Northern Norway. The installation of innovative high-power and energy-efficient LED road lighting has ensured a significant increase in night visibility and a decrease in energy costs for the local municipality. The bridge, which stands out for being the second-longest in the country, brought a significant shortcut on the European route E6, the main north-south road through Norway.

An intervention aimed at improving the new road section

The new LED road lighting of the E6 under the light of AEC

The new LED lighting of one of the longest suspension bridges in Europe has brought great benefits in terms of traffic, energy savings and reduction of maintenance costs. In addition, AEC’s solutions have made it possible to increase the safety of the area, increasing the clarity of the road using LED sources with high visual comfort. This road project in fact replaced an old road that crossed the fjord inland. A road previously exposed to avalanches in winter and not sized for the ever-increasing traffic. Discover the advantages of lighting your streets with LED light.

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The objectives achieved by the intervention

By collaborating with local partners for the supply of the new LED street lighting for Hålogaland Bridge, AEC Illuminazione has guaranteed the municipality considerable energy savings and homogeneous lighting distributed throughout the new section of the E6.

An intervention of great infrastructural value

The new road has shortened the distance between Narvik and the northernmost cities of Norway by 18 km, making the route considerably safer. The project involved thestreet lighting of the 1533m long bridge, the lighting of two tunnels and the lighting of arest area overlooking the fjords. A completely renovated modern square where travellers have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the view. In this case, luminaires with specific LED sources were installed for urban lighting, in order to increase the emotional value of the work and increase visual comfort for people.

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The correct LED lighting for the square

When light creates value for people

The LED street lighting of the E6 was an important intervention that put all AEC’s know-how on public lighting at the service of people. An old road with a high traffic coefficient has been transformed into one of the most important infrastructural hubs in Norway, where public LED lighting has played a fundamental role in improving traffic and safeguarding people’s safety. Discover all the advantages that AEC guarantees you with its public lighting services.

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Product used

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