Ski slope lighting of Jordalen Jumping Arena

Lysgårdsbakkene is a ski jumping arena located in Lillehammer, Norway. It was opened in 1993 for the 1994 Winter Olympics, where it hosted the ski jumping and Nordic combined competitions, as well as the opening and closing of ceremonies. Given the importance of the structure, the local municipality wanted to redevelop the sports facility with LED floodlights for lighting ski slopes designed by AEC Illuminazione, a guarantee in terms of reliability, high performance and energy savings.

The advantages guaranteed by AEC Illuminazione

High-quality light

Uniform light distribution and high visual comfort

The LED lighting solutions for ski slopes used by AEC for the project use light sources that eliminate glare by distributing the light beam evenly over the entire slope and reducing shadow areas. The quality of the LED lighting made it possible to illuminate the track clearly, for greater comfort for athletes and spectators.

More security

Quality of the LED light that safeguards the safety of athletes

Ski jumping is a sport that involves jumping from a trampoline by athletes who must land as far as possible to win the race. Being a dangerous sport, the track must be perfectly illuminated to allow athletes to fly and land without harming themselves. The quality of AEC’s ski slope lighting floodlights has increased safety, protecting the life of the athletes and the structure from malicious people.

High energy efficiency

High performance and low consumption LED floodlights

The ski slope LED lighting projectors used for the project guarantee long-lasting performance with reduced energy costs. Thanks to the long lifespan of the LED sources, AEC Illuminazione has guaranteed the structure a clear reduction in periodic maintenance, typical of discharge lamps.

A historic slope, home of the Olympics

Professional LED floodlights for ski slopes

The slope has been used for numerous FIS Ski Jumping World Cup and Nordic Combined World Cup tournaments. With a capacity of 35,000 spectators, it is one of the three national ski jumping hills in Norway. The project, therefore, had to ensure high-quality lighting, evenly distributed throughout the track, ensuring visual comfort for spectators and athletes and a reduction in energy costs for the municipality.

LED lighting for ski slopes in compliance with the law

Quality LED light for all competitions

The LED floodlights for ski slopes designed by AEC Illuminazione guarantee a compliant system to allow your sports facility to host any competition, both amateur and professional. Meet the category requirements and allow broadcasters to shoot in high definition, ensuring athletes and spectators have a better experience.

Greater attractiveness for the ski slope

The LED lighting solutions for ski slopes used to illuminate the Jordalen Ski Jumping Arena have transformed the structure into a reference point for ski lovers nationwide, encouraging people to practice sports in a modern and safe space.

Improve the sports experience

Guarantee a unique experience with AEC Illuminazione’s LED floodlights

The quality of lighting and the long-lasting performance allow all users to play sports in a modern and cutting-edge facility, improving the gaming experience and increasing the reputation of the facility. The project involved the construction of four new runways: K10, K25, K40 and K70. 21 GALILEO LED floodlights were supplied mounted on 3 folding masts with a height of 15 m, illuminating the escape route in the K70 and K40 runways.

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Product Used

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