LED street lighting of Jeddah Corniche

The new LED street lighting of Jeddah Corniche was created by AEC with ITALO, one of the most popular street lighting fixtures by municipalities all over the world. Jeddah, the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia, has chosen AEC Illuminazione to redevelop the coastal roads bordering the Red Sea. With immense expanses of desert and spectacular coastline, this Saudi city is a unique place on the Arabian peninsula and a destination for many tourists every year. The new LED street lighting of Jeddah Corniche has enhanced the coastal streets of the city, reducing energy and maintenance costs for the Arab Municipality.

Jeddah Corniche under the street lighting fixtures of AEC Illuminazione

The new street lighting enhances local attractions

The coastal walk of the Jeddah Corniche district is 30km long and overlooks the Red Sea. In this area, there are avenues, recreation areas, pavilions and public sculptures, as well as the King Fahd Fountain, the tallest fountain in the world. Here is also the Al-Rahmah Mosque, a regular and popular attraction for visitors from all over the world. Ensuring clear and high-performance lighting for a greater visual experience of people was one of the main objectives of the project. For this reason, the local Municipality wanted to redevelop the area through AEC Illuminazione’s LED technology.

The objectives of the intervention

Cost reduction, increased safety and high visual comfort solutions were the main objectives achieved by the intervention, improving the usability of public areas for people.

Jeddah enhanced by AEC’s LED street lights

The new LED street lighting of Jeddah Corniche represents an important infrastructure enhancement project that once again sees AEC as the spokesperson for Made In Italy in the world. Thanks to the extreme performances of ITALO and its optics with high visual comfort, people can experience the city more even at night.

LED street lighting of Jeddah Corniche

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