LED lighting of the Tel Aviv swimming pool

AEC Illuminazione has been chosen for the new LED lighting of the beautiful Gordon Pool, a reference point for swimmers in Tel Aviv. This Olympic size swimming pool is a real institution in Tel Aviv and is located on the waterfront near the city’s marina with the seascape in the background. A professional structure, perfect for those who want to enjoy the view and train at the same time.

A historic swimming pool in the heart of the city

The Gordon Pool under the LED light of AEC Illuminazione

Dating back to 1956, this legendary swimming pool underwent renovations a few years ago and the property now includes pools for children and babies, as well as a modern wooden deck with loungers, chairs, and large umbrellas for relaxing and enjoying the panorama.

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

Cost reduction

Low consumption and zero maintenance LED floodlights

The LED lighting solutions for Olympic swimming pools used by AEC for this project use extreme performance while consuming less energy than discharge technology. The modern LED technology also allows zero maintenance, given the long lifespan of the LED sources.

High visual comfort

Reduction of the effects of glare and reflection of light on the water

Greater visual comfort for people and reduction of the reflection effects of light on the water. Thanks to AEC’s LED pool floodlights, people can use the pool comfortably even at night.

Increased security

Greater safety for athletes, tourists and spectators

Thanks to the quality of the LED light used by AEC for the new lighting of the Tel Aviv pool, the safety of the structure is increased by reducing vandalism and protecting customers from malicious people.

Uncompromising energy efficiency

Thanks to the LED lighting solutions for municipal and Olympic swimming pools designed by AEC, the Gordon Pool has become a modern and energy-efficient facility. The modern LED technology of AEC allows quick management of the light beam which can be adjusted according to the respective needs: the projectors, in fact, can be adjusted according to the external lighting conditions to have a more optimized control of the lighting.

Safer swimming pool due to the quality of LEDs

Professional floodlights for public swimming pool LED lighting

The Gordon Pool in Tel Aviv is a modern structure that is visited every year by tourists and citizens who want to train or enjoy the view along the suggestive Gordon Beach. The local municipality chose AEC’s LED floodlights for the excellent quality of the lighting that makes the structure a safe place for all users.

Swimming pool LED lighting

Better experience for citizens

High visual comfort for all the sports facilities

Ensuring excellent visual comfort by reducing glare was one of the main points of the project. AEC has been able to satisfy the local municipality with high-performance solutions for LED lighting of Olympic swimming pools with projectors that reduce glare by using specific optics with zero light dispersion, while at the same time reducing upward light emissions.

Sports facilities lighting

Product used

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