Badminton court lighting

The Fyrisfjädern Badminton Hall is an indoor sports facility specifically built for the game of badminton, located in Uppsala, the fourth largest city by population in Sweden. This facility is very famous in its sector and hosts all the official badminton competitions in the different categories. The aim of the project was to use standard-compliant lighting that would guarantee lasting performance over time and at the same time high visual comfort thanks to the LED lighting solutions for indoor sports facilities designed by AEC.

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

Uniform light distribution

Reduction of shadow areas

More secure structure

Guaranteed return on investment

Efficient LED ceiling lights for badminton courts

Fyrisfjädern Badminton Hall has decided to invest in the quality and efficiency of AEC’s LED lighting solutions for indoor sports facilities. With a duration of over 100,000 hours, AEC’s LED lamps guarantee high performance over time and the elimination of periodic maintenance typical of discharge technology.

Indoor sport lighting

Greater gaming experience

Using quality LED lighting solutions for badminton courts increases the gaming experience and enjoyment of users. Increase the fun and ensure greater safety for athletes through light, transforming your facility into a reference point for the sports community.

Product used

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