LED street lighting of the Farris Bridge

The new LED street lighting of the Farris Bridge is part of an important energy efficiency project for what is an essential infrastructure hub on the Norwegian E18 section. “The Farrisbrua” is 7 km long and contains the four lanes of the new road section in the municipality of Larvik, Vestfold, in southern Norway. It was designed as a long horizontal curve that crosses both Lake Farris and the railway line connecting Larvik with Skien. AEC Illuminazione was seen by the Norwegian Municipality as a key partner for the new LED lighting of the Larvik bridge and the related section, which is crossed by numerous vehicles every day. Providing high-quality lighting that guaranteed maximum safety for drivers and reduced consumption was one of the main focuses of the project.

Quality street lighting

The new LEDstreet lighting of the Larvik long section guarantees lower consumption and high performance

The street lighting of Farrisbrua was a fundamental intervention in terms of light quality and energy efficiency. In fact, AEC’s modern road lighting solutions use state-of-the-art LED sources that guarantee perfect light uniformity throughout the area with a net reduction in energy and maintenance costs. Find out more about all the advantages that AEC can guarantee you with its LED street lighting solutions.

Street Lighting

The advantages guaranteed by the intervention

The AEC Illuminazione street lighting products installed on the Farris Bridge guaranteed a reliable redevelopment of the bridge and the road section, increasing safety for travelers and transforming the area into an infrastructural reference point.

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Italian LED street ighting of the Farris Bridge

“The Farrisbrua” is a distinctive new infrastructure of the Norwegian city of Larvik and plays a vital role in the dynamics of the city. As well as being an important infrastructural hub for travelers, it stands on Lake Farris, a well-known local destination where people spend their free time. It was therefore necessary to guarantee solutions of aesthetic value that would enhance the architecture of the bridge and the surrounding landscape thanks to the high performance. An intervention that once again saw AEC products as protagonists in exporting the value of Made in Italy to the world.

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Greater safety for travellers

Well-illuminated roads in the heart of Norway

The intervention in the Norwegian area required experience in the public lighting sector and the ability to interact with international municipalities. AEC proved to be the partner of choice for street lighting projects, satisfying the needs of energy efficiency, safety and cost reduction. Travellers can now circulate in total visual comfort while enjoying the Norwegian natural landscape.

Tunnel lighting control systems for the Farris Bridge

The new lights optimized thanks to smart lighting

The European Road E18 at the Farris Bridge also features road tunnels where the local Municipality has chosen AEC Illuminazione’s LED floodlights installed for reinforcement and permanent lighting. Thanks to the control systems for tunnel lighting, it is also possible to adjust the luminous flux of the floodlights remotely according to the natural light conditions. Find out more about AEC’s technologies for road tunnel lighting.

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