LED street lighting of the E6 in Norway

The Frya-Sjoa section on the E6 was one of Norway’s largest road construction projects and aimed at increasing the road safety standard on the Norwegian main route. The project involved a series of modern safety interventions such as the insertion of road restraint systems, light columns and signs that have contributed to improving the viability of the new route. AEC Illuminazione has been selected by the local authorities for the supply of high-performance and technological LED street lighting fixtures, which have ensured greater safety on the road section with a uniform distribution of the light beam.

The advantages of the intervention

Increased road safety

Well-illuminated roads for better visual perception

The LED road lights used for the new lighting of the Frya-Sjoa section illuminate the road in a clear and uniform way. AEC street lighting technology uses LED sources with high visual comfort, highlighting the path and reducing the risk of accidents.

Greater energy efficiency

E6 LED road lighting with reduced energy and maintenance consumption

AEC Illuminazione’s LED road lights have allowed the Norwegian Municipality to significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs thanks to the high performance of the LED sources and their longer lifespan than discharge lamps.

Reduced CO2 emissions

LED road lights that respect the environment

Compared to the classic discharge lamps, AEC Illuminazione’s LED road lighting fixtures exceed 100,000 hours in duration, i.e. over twenty years of operation. The LED also drastically reduces CO2 emissions on the environment and is 95% recyclable.

Reliable solutions for Norwegian roads

The new Frya-Sjoa LED street lighting allowed a quick return on investment

For the new LED street lighting of the E6 was used ITALO, an aluminium LED street lighting fixture with incredible energy efficiency that allowed the local municipality to save on energy and maintenance costs. The reduction of energy costs and periodic maintenance combined with an easy and quick installation of the lighting fixtures have guaranteed the local Municipality a rapid return on investment. Find out more about the advantages of LED technology applied to street lighting.

LED Street Lighting

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Safety, visibility and performance

The Frya-Sjoa section on the E6 was one of Norway’s largest infrastructure projects and aimed at increasing the road safety standard on the Norwegian main route. In this case, lighting played a fundamental role in increasing road safety even more and assisting drivers more with solutions providing high visual comfort and colour rendering index. Ensuring greater viability of road traffic and reducing the risk of accidents was one of the main objectives of the project.

Best experience for travellers

Laboratory-tested LED street lights that guarantee long-lasting performance

The AEC solutions used for the LED road lighting of E6 are designed for any context. The lighting fixtures are designed and tested entirely in the company’s internal laboratories to ensure high-quality standards over time. Find out more about how AEC tests its products.

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Product used

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