LED floodlights for the Centrofarc warehouse

Centrofarc is a Tuscan company among the top distribution groups in Italy in the sector of professional hygiene solutions and disposable products, distributing throughout the country from two logistics centers in Siena and Riccione. The company chose AEC’s LED floodlights solutions for warehouses, with the aim of reducing the energy costs of the structure and, at the same time, improving the working quality of its employees.

Why Centrofarc chose AEC Illuminazione

Warehouse lighting floodlights
warehouse lighting
Quick return on investment for the customer

Discover the benefits guaranteed by the intervention that will ensure immediate and lasting savings over time.

Greater safety in the workplace

Lighting a workplace such as a warehouse or an industrial warehouse requires specific lighting solutions and a project in accordance with the law that guarantees a high-quality installation. For this reason, AEC’s intervention in the Centrofarc company made it possible to ensure maximum visibility for workers, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries at work. At the same time, operators can perform tasks faster for increased business productivity.

Uniform lighting

More visible shelving

Greater productivity

Solutions for LED lighting of industrial warehouses

Rely on the know-how of AEC Illuminazione

The Centrofarc company has chosen AEC lighting solutions for their maximum reliability and innovation. The objectives of the project were achieved through the application of specific lighting know-how for the design of warehouses and industrial prefabricated buildings in accordance with the law. Rely on industry specialists and discover the solution that best meets your needs.

Industrial warehouse lighting