Indoor sports hall lighting

AEC’s solutions for indoor sports hall lighting allow great flexibility of use and application, making them particularly suitable for satisfying the different lighting conditions of the most varied sports disciplines, whether they are gyms or professional indoor sports facilities. The new LED lighting system of the Camisano gym was designed on the needs of the client to increase the visual comfort of the area using high energy-saving solutions, to increase the visual experience of athletes and spectators. GA, a floodlight for LED lighting for indoor sports facilities designed by AEC, ensured uniform light distribution throughout the sports hall, reducing electricity consumption.

The benefits ensured by the intervention

Indoor sports facility redevelopment with LED lights

More performance for a greater visual experience

Various indoor sports are practised in the multi-sports facility in Camisano Vicentino and high-power lighting had to be guaranteed to allow athletes to train and play while maintaining constant performance during the match. The use of LED lighting sources for indoor sports facilities and gyms has made it possible to illuminate the area by eliminating shadow areas, for a greater visual experience for all users.

Cost reduction for the Camisano Sports Hall

Greater safety for players

The new indoor sports hall lighting of Camisano Vicentino facility involved the use of specific optics designed to distribute the light beam evenly over the entire field, eliminating the phenomena of light glare to ensure the right conditions of visibility and minimize the possibilities of accidents and injuries.

sports hall lighting lamps

Increase the reputation of the establishment

The Camisano facility has become a reference point for the city

Choosing AEC as a partner for the LED lighting of the indoor sports facility has allowed the Camisano Vicentino complex to increase its reputation and become a reference point for sportsmen in the area. The quality of AEC’s LED light allows people to enjoy a greater gaming experience in safety, encouraging them to use the establishment more frequently.

Indoor sports lighting

Product used

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