Bussolini LED warehouse lighting

Bussolini Distribuzione’s Cash & Carry was illuminated with AEC Illuminazione’s LED floodlights for food warehouse. In this large space, used for the sale of foodstuffs to customers with VAT, the goods are displayed and sorted on high metal shelves and divided by product categories. Ensuring clear and comfortable lighting for customers and wholesale operators was one of the main objectives of the project, distributing the light beam throughout the area and at the same time reducing the energy and maintenance costs of the lighting system.

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

Greater visual comfort for your business

By using quality lighting, you can make the most of the goods and ensure a better and faster shopping experience for customers. At the same time, ensuring high levels of visual comfort allows employees to be more productive, reducing the number of errors and injuries caused by the feeling of fatigue.

bussolini LED warehouse lighting
bussolini LED warehouse lighting
Cost reduction for your business

Greater safety for people

Bussolini’s Cash & Carry is now a safer place

The AEC floodlights for LED lighting of food wholesalers have guaranteed the company well-illuminated areas and a clear reduction in shaded areas. In this space, employees must constantly check and position the goods through special machinery in the respective racks placed at different heights. For this reason, ensuring high and constant lighting quality over time allows operators to perform tasks quickly, avoiding unpleasant injuries in the workplace. At the same time, AEC’s LED lighting protects the area from malicious people by reducing vandalism.

Warehouse LED lighting