LED street lighting of County Road 542

The Bømlo County Road 542 section is an important Norwegian provincial road that crosses the northern part of Bømlo and connects the island community of Føyno, otherwise isolated from the mainland. Norway is a country extremely attentive to respect for the environment and sensitive to the issue of reducing CO2 emissions. For this reason, the Municipality of Bømlo has chosen the ITALO product for the new LED lighting of the County Road 542, a guarantee in terms of energy saving, high performance and design.

An important street lighting project

Stord’s new LED street lighting has redeveloped the Norwegian road system

The intervention on Norwegian County Road 542, one of the main hubs of the Norwegian road connection for the Bømlo section, was an important road energy efficiency project that involved the use of ITALO, a road lighting that was able to guarantee excellent uniformity light and enhanced visual comfort for drivers and cyclists. Norwegian roads are often found in natural areas where night visibility conditions can only be guaranteed by quality lighting.

The objectives of the project

Cost reduction for the Municipality and maximum visual comfort were the key points of the intervention on the Norwegian road, to ensure travellers a better visual experience in total safety.

Uniformity of light for Stord’s LED road lighting

Long-lasting performance and optical unit lifespan greater than 100,000 hours

AEC’s intervention in the Bømlo County Road 542 section required considerable know-how on street lighting that allowed the local municipality to achieve the objectives of energy efficiency and road upgrading. Discover all the advantages that LED technology offers for street lighting.

LED Street Lighting

Solutions for LED lighting of cycle paths

The installation of AEC’s LED road lighting has made it possible to obtain important energy savings, increase visual comfort while driving and increase safety for cyclists as well. All the 20 km of the County Road are in fact accompanied by a pedestrian and cycle track.

Product Used

Discover the product used for the new street lighting of the Country Road 542