Berlin LED street lighting

The Berlin LED street lighting project is another example that describes how AEC contributes to exporting the value of Made in Italy to the world. Germany, which has been particularly attentive to environmental issues in recent years, has chosen to significantly reduce the energy consumption deriving from public lighting by replacing the old traditional lamps with modern LED street fixtures. For the new public lighting in Berlin, AEC Illuminazione supplied the German administration with ITALO, I-TRON and STYLO. A choice that has proved to be successful in terms of energy saving, safety and reduction of light pollution.

Greater energy efficiency

Efficient public lighting fixtures for the new LED street lighting in Berlin

The longer lifespan of the AEC luminaires installed for the new LED lighting of the city of Berlin allows the German municipality not only a significant reduction in maintenance costs but also a smaller quantity of lamps to be disposed of every year. The duration of the LED sources exceeds 1000,000 hours so that the city has been able to save on maintenance, as well as on a net reduction in energy consumption. The optics used by AEC for LED Lighting in Berlin ensure lower light dispersion by concentrating the light flow evenly across the road, for a comfortable visual experience for drivers and pedestrians and a relative increase in safety. Find out more about the benefits of LED street lighting.

LED Street Lighting

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

For the new street lighting in Berlin, the LED luminaires were chosen that guaranteed energy savings and installation flexibility, while at the same time enhancing the city’s urban streets.

Greater safety thanks to LED public lighting

The new Berlin LED street lighting guarantees greater usability of urban areas even at night

The new LED street lamps produced entirely by AEC and developed for LED lighting in Berlin, have made it possible to increase safety on the streets and increase the attractiveness of the commercial districts for citizens and tourists. Quality lighting makes it possible to reduce road accidents and increase the perception of comfort and safety which makes certain areas more usable even at night. Discover all the advantages of choosing AEC for your public lighting.

Public LED Lighting

An urban enhancement project

The architecture of Berlin is enhanced by the sharpness of the LED light and the peripheral areas are made safe. An important public lighting intervention, carried out thanks to the collaboration between AEC and local partners to redevelop the area of ​​the city.

Product Used

Discover the street lighting fixtures used to light up the streets of Berlin