LED lighting for soccer fields: Bagnolo di Po

AEC Illuminazione was chosen to supply the new LED lighting for the soccer field of Bagnolo di Po, in the province of Rovigo. The sports facility includes two football fields, one intended for training and one used for official competitions, a tennis court and a multi-sports facility, used for basketball, volleyball, five-a-side football and gymnastics courses. Ensuring a safer and more efficient sports facility with compliant lighting solutions was the cornerstone of this project. A project of social importance, which has redeveloped one of the sports reference points in the area, where children and adults train every day for the love of sport.

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

Setup up to standard

Visual comfort and light uniformity according to regulations

The LED lighting project of the Bagnolo di Po sports field has guaranteed a system that meets the CONI standards so the structure can host the matches of the official competitions.

Efficient lighting

Lower energy consumption and maintenance costs

The floodlights used for the new lighting of the football field use LED sources that consume less electricity and maintain high and constant performance over time. At the same time, the longer duration of 100,000 hours of the LED sources allows eliminating the periodic maintenance of the system.

Redevelopment of the area

Increase in the attractiveness of the structure

Thanks to AEC LED solutions for sports fields, quality LED has allowed the structure to be made safe by protecting the activities of players and spectators. Thanks to the LED light, the sports facility has become a reference point for the sports community.

soccer field LED lighting

A system that pays for itself

The quality of AEC Illuminazione services for the Bagnolo di Po sports facility.

Installation flexibility without constraints

Versatile solutions for the Municipality of Bagnolo di Po

The LED floodlights used for this project guarantee great flexibility of installation thanks to the specific fixing systems ideal for application on lighting towers for football fields. It facilitates installation and pointing activity thanks to the LED lighting solutions for sports fields designed by AEC.

Football pitch LED lighting

Product used

Discover the product used for sport recreational LED lighting and football pitch