LED street lighting of Assisi

Greater visual comfort, reduction of energy and management costs and enhancement of the surrounding environment are among the main points of the new LED lighting in Assisi. The Umbrian municipality has chosen ITALO to illuminate the roads of direct access to the historic city while BABEL has been chosen for the lighting of the roundabouts. The installation is an integral part of an infrastructural expansion project in the area adjacent to the famous church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, one of the artistic jewels of the city and a destination for many tourists.

Greater safety thanks to LED street lighting in Assisi

Better visibility thanks to greater light uniformity

For this project, the LED street lamps of the ITALO series and the BABEL LED high mast tower were chosen, both equipped with innovative optical systems for street lighting and designed within the R&D laboratories of AEC Illuminazione. The city of Assisi is the destination of many tourists every day and it was, therefore, essential to ensure clearly illuminated streets that would reduce the risk of accidents and at the same time enhance the entrance to the historic city center.

The objectives of the intervention

AEC’s intervention for the new LED street lighting in Assisi has achieved the objectives of energy efficiency of the roads and improvement of road conditions. An intervention aimed at enhancing the path leading to the city center using modern solutions with a reduced environmental impact.

Enhance the urban landscape

The city of Assisi, a destination for many tourists every year, needed a quality LED light, capable of enhancing the beauty of the area and increasing road safety.

Safer peripheral roads and roundabouts

Redevelopment of the infrastructural net of the city thanks to the light

Thanks to the intervention of AEC Illuminazione, the accesses to the historic center and the roads of the peripheral areas were illuminated in a clear and uniform manner. Furthermore, thanks to the control systems for street lighting, AEC luminaires allow the luminous flux to be adjusted automatically according to the natural light conditions. Discover all the advantages of the street lighting solutions proposed by AEC.

LED street lighting

LED street lighting of Assisi

Products used

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