Tennis court lighting of the Junior Tennis Club

The new lighting of the Junior Tennis Club of Arezzo was designed by AEC with long-lasting performance LED lights for tennis courts. The Junior Tennis Club is a modern facility in the heart of Tuscany and offers numerous services such as indoor and outdoor tennis, swimming pool, beach volleyball and restaurant. The project aimed to redevelop tennis courts with lighting solutions in accordance with CONI, increasing the playing experience for children and adults while ensuring high visual comfort.

The benefits guaranteed by the intervention

Installation up to standard

LED lights in compliance with the standards

The LED lighting solutions for tennis courts used by AEC for the Junior Tennis Club of Arezzo meet all the requirements of the sports federations, guaranteeing you a system in compliance with and valid for hosting any category competition.

Cost reduction

Reduced energy costs and maintenance

The LED lighting solutions used for the Arezzo Tennis club use high performance with reduced energy costs thanks to the greater efficiency of LED technology compared to discharge lamps. By choosing AEC-designed LED headlamps for tennis courts, the Junior Tennis Club has eliminated the periodic maintenance typical of old gas discharge lamps.

High visual comfort

Greater visual comfort for the players

The LED headlights for tennis courts used in the project use light sources that distribute the light beam evenly over the entire court, reducing shadow areas for a better playing experience for players, coaches and spectators.

Simple installation wherever you want

Floodlights installation without modifying existing infrastructure

The LED lights for tennis courts were designed by AEC to eliminate interventions on existing infrastructures, facilitating installation and maintenance by the operators of the structure. The Junior Tennis Club is now LED illuminated without additional installation costs thanks to AEC Illuminazione.

Boost the experience by offering quality services

Visual comfort, excellent light quality and considerable energy savings were the results of a LED lighting project aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the structure for city sports and for competitions in the sector.

indoor tennis court lights
tennis court lighting

LED floodlights for tennis court lighting

All AEC’s know-how for a quick return on investment

The project of the Junior Tennis Club of Arezzo involved the use of specific LED floodlights for tennis courts, ensuring a system that pays for itself thanks to the benefits of LED technology. Choose AEC Illuminazione’s tennis court solutions for a quick return on investment.

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