LED lighting of the port of Ancona

The port of Ancona is the first Italian port for international vehicle and passenger traffic with over 1.5 million passengers and 200,000 trucks every year. The Port Authority has chosen AEC as a reference partner for the new LED lighting of the port, replacing the old light towers in order to achieve greater energy efficiency with solutions with a lower environmental impact.

Ancona under the AEC LED lighting

LED lighting for large areas with high energy efficiency

The Port Authority needed to align itself with the indications of the European Union in order to limit the impact of the activities on the city, with particular regard also to external projection lighting.

LED lighting for large areas

Power, efficiency and high energy savings. The port of Ancora is now totally redeveloped thanks to the new AEC LED lighting. Find out more about LED lighting systems for tourist and commercial seaports.

turistic port lighting

The advantages guaranteed by the project

Discover all the advantages that have been ensured at the tourist port of Ancona thanks to the solutions of AEC Illuminazione.

Energy-saving LED

Efficient public lighting thanks to long-lasting LED sources

The floodlight that was chosen for the new Porto lighting is GALILEO 2 EB. The Port Authority has managed to obtain numerous advantages and today can boast a high-performance and low-consumption lighting system, capable of complying with the regulations related to environmental protection.

All the LED advantages

Product used

Discover the product used for LED lighting in the port of Ancona