Alnabru Terminal Station railway LED lighting

The Alnabru district in Oslo, Norway, hosts an important railway terminal, created mainly for the movement of goods in the early 1900s: the Alnabru Terminalen. A particular aspect of this large area LED lighting project concerned the exercise of activities in the railways and freight yards. In fact, the area is subject to the maintenance of particular safety measures, which had to be guaranteed and implemented also through the light. AEC’s LED lighting systems have been installed both in the waiting areas and in the goods exchange areas, in order to guarantee total safety.

Railway LED lighting solutions

The Alnabru terminal under the efficient AEC’s large area lights

The LED lighting of the Alnabru terminal required the power and efficiency of AEC’s large area solutions. An intervention that has significantly increased the safety of the area thanks to extremely high-performance LED sources.

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The advantages guaranteed by the project

The AEC solutions for railway platform and tracks lighting have made it possible to increase visual comfort in the area, reduce electrical and operating costs and increase safety for operators.

Safer areas, without compromise

The energy efficiency of the Oslo terminal lighting needed to be secured with solutions that would illuminate every corner of the area.

Safety for workers

Glare prevention

Increased safety for workers who spend time in the terminal day and night. Thanks to AEC’s LED light, objects are illuminated in a clear way, so that the human eye is more relaxed at the end of the day.

Safety for operators

Accident prevention

Greater safety for operators and external maintainers who can load and unload goods faster. Thanks to AEC’s LED light, logistics operators can work in greater safety, avoiding the risk of accidents.

Security for citizens

Prevention from criminals and vandalism

The luminaires for large areas designed by AEC protect the area from criminal organizations and acts of vandalism. Now video surveillance cameras can record high definition videos thanks to the perfect uniformity of light.

Large area floodlights
AEC Led lighting for railway platform and tracks

Product used

Discover the product used for the railway LED lighting of Alnabru Terminal Station