Outdoor and indoor tennis court and padel lighting

Lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor tennis courts that ensure consistent beam distribution and long-lasting performance.

LED lights for tennis court lighting

AEC’s LED floodlights for outdoor and indoor tennis court lighting have been designed to illuminate the court without wasting energy and increase visual comfort for players and spectators. Lighting a tennis court, whether it is clay or concrete, requires special specifications and dedicated optics to allow athletes to maintain constant performance during a match or training. In addition, the lighting of a tennis court must comply with particular regulations dictated by the FIT (Italian Tennis Federation) which must absolutely be respected in order to ensure maximum safety for players with uniform lighting and to be able to compete in official competitions.

Choose AEC for tennis court lighting

High visual comfort

Comfortable lighting for players and spectators

Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor tennis court, the LED lighting solutions for tennis courts designed by AEC guarantee high visual comfort for players and spectators. Eliminate shadow areas with uniform LED lighting and allow athletes to play at a performing level for the duration of the game.

Cost reduction

High efficiency and reduction of maintenance costs

The LED lighting solutions for tennis courts made by AEC use high performance but reduced energy costs thanks to the greater efficiency of LED technology compared to discharge lamps. By choosing AEC floodlights for lighting tennis courts, you can also eliminate maintenance and facilitate installation.

Installation up to standard

Tennis court lighting according to official requirements

The LED lighting solutions for tennis courts designed by AEC comply with the specifications required by sports federations, guaranteeing you a valid installation to host any competition. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to transform your tennis court into a reference point for the sector, increasing the attractiveness of your facility.

Immediate benefits due to tennis court lighting

The advantages ensured by AEC solutions for tennis court LED lighting

Tennis court and padel lighting applications

Outdoor tennis court lighting

Indoor tennis court lighting

Padel court lighting

The intensity of tennis court lighting fixtures

The referee has the authority not to start or suspend the game if the intensity of the lighting, in his opinion, is insufficient.” The away team may request a reading of the light intensity on the pitch and appeal if the lighting is insufficient compared to the regulations. This is why AEC Illuminazione offers you solutions that comply with the official regulations for LED lighting for tennis courts.

Make your tennis court an efficient place

Safety. Performance. Cost reduction.

Make your tennis court an efficient place

Safety. Performance. Cost reduction.

Extreme performance and guaranteed visual comfort

Ensure quality light and eliminates the phenomena of light glare with AEC’s tennis court lighting solutions

During tennis matches, it is necessary to ensure a balanced level of contrast of the objects, in order to allow players to follow the ball in all its directions and make sudden changes of direction. At the same time, correct lighting must ensure a wide range of vision for the referees, in order to check the validity of the athletes’ plays. AEC solutions for tennis court lighting use extremely sharp light and reduce glare, transforming the structure into a modern and cutting-edge facility.

Why improve the players experience?

Give players a better playing experience through perfectly illuminated tennis courts. Encourage people to play in your facility and increase its reputation with AEC tennis court LED floodlights.

Cost-efficient structure with high efficiency floodlights

Safer playing field with LED lights for tennis court

Excellent colour rendering and visual comfort

Ensure safety for people and instill professionalism

Your tennis court as a reference point

Choosing LED lights for tennis court means safeguarding the safety of the players and preserving the structure from malicious people and vandalism. Increase the perception of safety for customers and spectators and transform your facility into a reference point for sports.

Lighting control systems for tennis courts

The control systems designed by AEC for LED lighting of tennis courts allow you to manage the lighting of your system quickly and easily. Thanks to a dedicated app you can in fact select pre-set scenarios in order to adjust the luminous flux according to your needs. Remotely manage each individual floodlight and modulate the lighting to optimize your installation.

What is achieved by managing the light remotely?

EasyLight app: lighting control system

Manage the lighting of your tennis court with a simple gesture. Easy Light App is an intelligent system through which it is possible to create customized dimming scenarios, i.e. adjustment of the luminous flux. Create your scenario according to the need for game, training, and maintenance. Discover Easy Light App

The app that regulates the luminous flux

Manage your tennis court lighting with a simple gesture

Remotely operate and manage your tennis court LED lighting using the dedicated app designed by AEC Illuminazione. It uses preset scenarios to optimize the lighting of the football field in a simple and intuitive way for quick management and guaranteed energy savings. The LED floodlights for lighting the field are managed via wireless communication to your control device to ensure real-time customization of the light beam.

Discover Easy Light app

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