Commercial LED lighting fixtures: shopping centers and large scale distribution

Make your shopping center a welcoming place where the light is distributed in a correct and uniform way.

Enhance your brand with LED lighting

LED lighting in shopping centers and large retailers plays a fundamental role as it determines the customer experience. Retailers in shopping centers, wholesalers and shopping malls must therefore be able to guarantee shoppers the best possible experience through good lighting. In fact, light has an important impact on the brand and the way in which the place is seen. With LED floodlights for large scale retail lighting you get high visibility and uniformity of light throughout the entire area: essential to ensure perfect and clear movement of people within the place.

Using LED technology strategically

Brand awareness

Improve reputation

If your shopping center has clear, welcoming and uniform lighting, people will visit the place more willingly.

Visual comfort

Do not create visual disturbances

To ensure a positive experience for the buyer, you must guarantee them high visual comfort. When shopping, people shouldn’t feel bothered by the light.

Light scenarios

Adjust the flow as you want

Save in electricity with dimmable LED solutions. Dimming means adjusting the luminous flux in an intelligent way according to needs.

The key element of your project? People.

Light has enormous power over people and has a decisive influence on them. Creating a welcoming environment invites people to come to your business premises and stay there for a long time. Creating the right harmony for people with light is therefore the key element of the project. AEC’s range of optics has been designed to meet the specific requirements of indoor installations, respecting the various dimensions and different contexts. It is important to know how to choose the right optic for large scale retail lighting where it is really necessary, thus avoiding any waste of light and therefore an increase in energy costs. AEC optical systems guarantee uniformity of light without glare effects: essential to avoid any visual disturbance.

Did you know that LED lighting affects buyers’ choices?

Use the LED light to enhance the experience

Through the LED lighting for large scale retail lighting, you exploit the intelligence of technology to guide people inside your commercial space and making them feel at ease in every area. Recent studies have shown an increase of attention inside the shopping center and a decrease in stress after the redevelopment of LED lighting.

Use LED light to increase profit

Light and experiential shopping

When we need to light up a large sales area with LEDs or redevelop a space that has already been illuminated, we need to understand the concept of experiential shopping well. Today the buyer is no longer a distracted consumer but is very attentive to his needs. It is for this reason that LED lighting for large scale retail lighting plays a key role. Depending on the large sales space to be illuminated, you can choose a stronger, softer, warmer or colder light: our task is precisely to find the most suitable light for the large sales area that you want to illuminate.

How to convey quality and freshness with light?

Use light as a means of communication

In shopping malls, artificial lighting has the function of capturing attention on what is on display. You can use LED lighting as a communication tool and put the products in the right light, thus making them appear fresh and of quality. The food must be strategically placed and illuminated in the right way and this does not mean that it must be excessively illuminated but that the light is arranged correctly and uniformly.

The importance of choosing who to rely on

Thanks to the experience in the sector, AEC Illuminazione can support architects and designers in creating a harmonious commercial environment where light is distributed correctly and uniformly. Contact us and we will support you in the best choice for your large scale retail lighting.

Visual comfort for the buyer and for those who work

Choose the right colour temperature

Distribute the light evenly

Reducing operating costs is simple

The LED lighting of commercial spaces opens up infinite possibilities for savings. Thanks to this technology, energy and maintenance costs are significantly saved. Further savings will also be possible thanks to automatic light controls. AEC lighting supports you in choosing intelligent lighting systems capable of illuminating every area where and when it is really needed.

Use light sensors for greater savings

By choosing LED floodlights for shopping centers you can use light sensors that, based on the amount of natural external light, adjust the level of internal lighting accordingly.

An all-around complete project

We give the right light to each area

AEC Illuminazione also supports you in the LED lighting of the outdoor areas and therefore the entrance, parking and rest areas. But not only: for a complete LED redevelopment project, we also offer solutions to illuminate warehouses and hangars in a smart way with guaranteed energy saving.

What can be achieved with LED light?

LED lighting is a fundamental aspect of the design of shopping centers and large retailers. With LED light you get the functionality of the place, advertisements and arouse emotions in the buyer. At AEC Illuminazione we think that light can really enrich a commercial space by giving it that extra touch that can make the difference.


With LED lighting you create a functional environment where people, thanks to the right level of light, can move strategically and find the right things in the right place.

Commercial break

If the light is adjusted correctly and does not create any visual disturbance, people will feel in a welcoming place. This will inevitably increase the positive reviews of the place.


Lighting must accompany the message to be communicated and at the same time create lighting effects that arouse interest. In this sense, the possibilities offered by LED technologies and new technologies are enormous.

Other advantages in evidence

By purchasing LED technology floodlights for the lighting of shopping centers and large distribution, many advantages are obtained, many of which cannot be underestimated.

Floodlights for the lighting of shopping centers and large distribution

Efficient LED lighting fixture for commercial retail lighting

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