What LEDs can do

In AEC we design efficient LED lighting products in terms of consumption. Our luminaires transform the places where you work, move and live into better and safer spaces. We provide solutions for LED street, urban, tunnel and interior lighting. Wherever you are we guarantee you our commitment to make you feel at ease and safe whilst improving the look of your city.


LED street lighting has to be functional and uniform whilst guaranteeing energy efficiency and durability. The results of any energy efficiency project lead to considerable reduction on energy costs in full compliance with reference standards. We also guarantee the highest levels on street safety. Any glaring effect is limited with enormous advantages for drivers and pedestrians. With our LED lighting solutions many streets have reduced their accident and crime rate especially in the suburban areas of large cities. Light is addressed where it is necessary with no useless dispersion.
Our luminaires are extremely versatile, they can be equipped with many different optics in relation to the kind of street, whether it be a narrow or large street with dry or wet asphalt, roundabouts, junctions and highways. Most lighting solutions can come with intelligent control systems that permit to set up the lighting of the streets.


LED lighting is almost everywhere in our cities, redefining the perception of spaces especially at night. Parks, squares and urban streets are aesthetically revalued with LED lighting. Cities have a new identity during night time, in fact LED technology allows to more accurately replicate the colours of spaces around us. Cities can also be experienced after sunset with considerable energy saving levels.
AEC LED lighting solutions can perfectly meet different urban installation needs. From city centres to suburban areas, from urban streets to squares and parks: the large variety of available optics allow to cover any installation need with just a type of luminaire. Cities acquire a new and coherent light style with more beautiful and eco sustainable urban spaces. With such LED projects municipalities grow one step closer towards the modern Smart City.
The city turns to be a model for any environmental project through releasing less CO2 emissions, less lamps to be changed, less energy absorbed and consumed and no dangerous materials.


Safety and visual comfort are the words in tunnel led lighting. The standards for the design of tunnel lighting are extremely severe and the quality of the products installed needs to be impeccable. The use of LED technology has many advantages for the customers and the drivers. Tunnel luminaires are turned on 24/7  in very severe environments where dust, temperatures and wet can threaten the regular operation of the luminaire. AEC LED products for tunnel lighting guarantee resistance, low maintenance and considerable energy savings. These are all unique advantages for our customers but also for the drivers who can rely on functional and comfort lighting.
The eyes need to quickly adapt to the change in lighting, especially during daytime. In order to avoid any unpleasant and sudden change, the light levels at the entrance and exit of the tunnels are higher than the ones in the interior area. The eyes can easily and gradually adapt to the new lighting without any danger for the driver.


Our experience in technical lighting have led us to enter the complex interior LED lighting market with products designed for industrial facilities, shopping centres and any large covered area. In such contexts  light is of utmost importance in order to create efficient and safe workplaces. Light needs to be efficient, resembling natural light as much as possible. It has to be uniform with no glaring effect. Lighting in workplaces has to comply with the needs of good visibility and visual comfort with instant effects on productivity levels and general individual health.
Industrial and commercial areas need to be properly lit, with a perfect distribution and high quality of light in order to allow people to properly distinguish colours. Our LED lighting systems are flexible, efficient and can be easily programmed in order to guarantee compliance with the strict reference standards.
LED lighting can also help many companies to reach eco-sustainable results with important savings on the balance sheet  - due to the considerable energy cost reduction, in addition to also improving the image of the company as evidence of its commitment towards the environment.
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