Visual Comfort for urban lighting: Hyper Comfort optic

The main object in the urban lighting is to assure the maximum visual comfort. AEC has developed a technological solution: Hyper comfort.
The light, in fact, have impact on three human fundamental components:
Visual component: the light defines volumes and objects in the space, and it must assure a perfect visibility of the obstacles and an appropriate colour rendering.
Emotive component: the light influences the environment perception who surround us, acting on our emotions. A well-lit up environment will appear to our eyes like a safe and enjoyable place, compared to a please less lit up, which it will generate an unsafe sensation and more fear. 
Biologic component:  the light influences the vital rhythms, modifying the circadian rhythm, altering the natural sleep wakefulness cycle.
For this reason, the AEC projects of urban lighting, take into account these three paramount components.

Visual Comfort

As anticipated before, the visual comfort is the main goal in urban lighting. But what does “visual comfort” mean?
For visual comfort we intend the welfare our human eye in receiving the light in harmonious way, allowing it to act its activities without any visual disturbances (such as glaring effect).
The visual comfort is obtained with:
- an adequate luminous flux, so the photometric size which determines the energy quantity emitted by a luminous source;
- correct level of lighting, the quantity of the light emitted in the environment;
- a correct luminance, which we can identify with the relationship between the luminous intensity emitted by a source in the observatory direction, and the area of the emitted surface.

What’s the color rendering index?

The color rendering index is the value which determines the quality of the light in chromatic terms, it means how the color of the object appear faithful lit up by a luminous source. The quality of the light source determines so the level of the color rendering index of an object in the space. Higher is the value of the CRI and more the color of the object will be faithful to the one natural. In general, an index between 85 and 100 indicates an excellent color rendering index. We can consider CRI good when value is between 70 and 85, and discrete when value is between 50 and 70.  

The glare phenomenon 

Everybody already knows the many advantages LED technology compared to the old verions. The LED source, very little, produces for its natural aspect, glare phenomenon and visual disturbance. Moreover, the reduced high of poles, typically used in urban lighting, influence the visual perception.
In the public lighting, the glaring phenomenon, is resolved reducing the luminous flux and performance, shielding the luminous source through satinized screen, but for sure this cannot be a real solution. 
AEC proposes an innovative system named Hyper Comfort, which it does not reduce performance and flux and it assure at the same time maximum visual comfort. 


AEC solution for urban lighting: Hyper Comfort

AEC has developed an innovative solution for assuring maximum visual comfort without negative effect on performance: Hyper Comfort. This innovative optical system, in fact, increases the emission surface of the LED source, thanks to a particular aluminium reflector that guarantees maximum quality and minimizes losses, a specific frosted glass with a special finish and a recuperator that allows reflecting back to the external light rays partially reflected by the glass, further improving performance.

The Hyper Comfort advantages for people

The idea of AEC's development of Hyper Comfort comes from the desire to allow people to experience urban spaces in a serene way even at night. People, in parks and squares, if they are faced with comfortable and well-lit spaces, can experience positive emotions, feel good and be in a good mood.

For this reason, AEC has specifically studied an optic for urban lighting that allows you to take advantage of these areas even at night, without being disturbed by glare.

With Hyper Comfort, for example, if a child in a baby buggy makes direct eye contact with the light source, he is not bothered in any way. The peculiarity of the Hyper Comfort optic is in fact that it does not allow the observer to perceive the LED point source directly. The optic was built to distribute the light source over a much larger surface, thus ensuring maximum visual comfort.

Furthermore, with Hyper Comfort, light dispersion in the surrounding areas is eliminated. In this way, for example, it will be possible to illuminate a specific area, such as a square or a cycle path, without disturbing the adjacent residential areas.
It is in fact mandatory to minimize the direct dispersion of light by the lighting fixtures outside the areas to be illuminated. By law it is mandatory to use totally shielded lighting luminaire that is, having an emission of 0 cd / klm at 90 degrees and more than the vertical downward.

The Hyper Comfort advantages for the environment

One of the great advantages of Hyper Comfort optics is that it does not cause light pollution: a theme that is currently very much felt when it comes to public lighting.
The Hyper Comfort optical system contributes to the reduction of energy consumption and that of light pollution. In fact, the optic was designed not to emit light rays upwards, consequently it does not harm the night sky and has no negative impact on biodiversity.

But what is meant by light pollution?

Light pollution is one of the most underestimated forms of pollution and concerns the alteration of the natural amount of light present in the nocturnal environment, caused by artificial lights.

The alteration of the levels of light naturally present in the nocturnal environment causes serious damage to the environmental, scientific and economic level.
Environmental: inadequate lighting can alter human circadian rhythms, modify the photosynthesis of plants and change the balance of fauna. Scientific studies have shown that an alteration of the natural day-night cycle can modify the photosynthesis process in plants and create disorientation for migratory species.
Scientific: inadequate artificial lighting emits light upwards, consequently creating astronomical damage and preventing you from seeing the night sky correctly. It is estimated that one in three people have never seen the Milky Way due to global light pollution. This was stated by ISTIL (Institute of Science and Technology of Light Pollution) in a study published in the US magazine "Science Advances" on 11 June 2016.
Economic: the economic damage concerns the waste of energy to illuminate where and when it is not strictly necessary. In fact, energy consumption represents one of the main expenditures for public administrations. For this reason, it is important to opt for efficient LED lighting, which allows you to significantly save on the operating costs of the city by reducing CO2 emissions.

Hyper Comfort is therefore the winning choice for all those urban lighting projects where the main objective is to ensure people the best possible experience in terms of visual comfort and at the same time, increase the performance and energy efficiency of the luminaires.

Find out which AEC Illuminazione urban lighting products are available with the innovative Hyper Comfort optic technology:


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