LED grow lights fixtures for greenhouse

Traditional HPS greenhouse lamps have high energy consumption and produce a lot of heat. Converting your lighting with LED grow lights saves up to 70% of energy costs and does not produce heat.

LED grow lights solutions

AEC Illuminazione continues to innovate and improve lighting even in specific sectors, such as horticulture. By choosing the new efficient LED grow lights solutions for professional greenhouses or indoor vertical farms, numerous advantages are obtained, including the optimization of consumption, the reduction of maintenance costs and the absence of high temperatures, generated instead by traditional lamps HPS. Energy consumption is in fact one of the main sources of expenditure for owners of horticultural greenhouses. Choosing high energy-saving LED grow lights solutions, allows you to save immediately to obtain a quick return on investment.

Why choose LED grow lights solutions

Energy saving

Fast return on investment.

Expenditure on energy consumption is one of the most important items for greenhouse and horticulture. Replacing HPS lighting with modern LED grow lights technology leads to a cost reduction of up to 70% and a fast return on investment. Furthermore, based on the individual needs of the customer, we will evaluate the existing installation and provide indications on how to optimize the lighting plan with LED Grow Light solutions.

Long lifespan

Even in extreme conditions.

A LED luminaire has a lifespan of up to 8 times longer than traditional HPS lamps. This translates into greater reliability and the absence of maintenance such as periodic lamp replacements. In addition, the products for professional grow lighting of greenhouse and vertical farm are specially designed to withstand the harsh working environment of production greenhouses: they have perfect resistance to humidity, temperature fluctuations and dust.

Low temperature

Eliminate the problem of heat.

One of the main problems of traditional HPS or fluorescent greenhouse lamps is that of producing a lot of heat. The LED grow lights instead have by its nature a very low emission of heat at the source, therefore the LED grow light fixtures do not alter the climate of the greenhouse and can also be positioned at very close distances to the plants, without incurring any risk of overheating them.

Faster greenhouse growth with AEC LED grow lights

Controlled lighting with LED grow lighti sources allows you to accelerate the photosynthesis of plants

Greenhouse lamps have always been used to stimulate plant growth, but with modern Grow Light technology, it is possible to act in a more effective and targeted way on the photosynthesis process. The LED Grow Light sources in fact produce a light spectrum with frequencies dedicated to the stimulation of photosynthesis, which allows to further stimulate the growth of plants in the greenhouse, speeding up production and harvest even in times of the year when solar radiation was not enough.

A choice that is good for the environment

Lighting greenhouses with LED grow lights lamps saves a lot of energy

The energy-saving of lighting for greenhouses with LED grow lights fixtures is considerable and pays off the initial investment in a short time. Thanks to the very high energy efficiency, it is possible to choose to power the LED grow light lamps exclusively through photovoltaic systems to obtain maximum respect for the environment and maximum savings on greenhouse management costs. A choice that is doubly good for the environment.

LED grow light technology helps productivity

Today it is possible to increase the lighting or the hours of light without increasing costs. AEC’s LED grow light solutions for green house and horticulture can, in fact, complement or replace natural lighting by providing the exact spectrum and intensity necessary for cultivation. Correct and prolonged exposure to light allows you to speed up harvests, maximize the resources available and grow healthy and luxuriant plants. The total management of the light also allows for constant production all year round.

Upgrade your production

Boost growth rate up to 23%

Healthier and stronger plants

In any period of the year

GA Grow Light

Perfect for lighting greenhouses at close range.

GA Grow Light is the ideal solution for linear greenhouse lighting. Unlike HPS lamps, the absence of high temperatures generated by the LED source allows the installation of GA even very close to the plants and therefore also makes it suitable for vertical greenhouses and indoor farms. Furthermore, its constructive solidity makes it a reliable and long-lasting product.

Discover GA Grow Light

GQ1 Grow Light: lamp for professional greenhouses

Reliability tested even in extreme working conditions.

GQ1 Grow Light is the most powerful LED greenhouse lighting solution and stands out for its reliability, long lifespan and very high energy efficiency. It is specially designed to work in extreme conditions, in fact, it guarantees an operating temperature from -40 ° C to + 50 ° C and offers an IP66 degree of protection. Available with numerous fixing systems, this luminaire represents one of AEC’s best horticultural LED solutions.

Discover GQ1 Grow Light

Working in synergy with the environment

Environmental sustainability and innovation are key concepts behind the development of our products. LED grow light solutions are designed to increase yields and extend the seasonality of crops by allowing you to schedule constant production throughout the year, regardless of the seasons.

Lighting a greenhouse with LED vs HPS

A choice that definitely makes the difference

Lighting a greenhouse with LED vs HPS

A choice that definitely makes the difference

Advantages of LED grow light technology

The right light due to LED grow lights

During the period from autumn/winter to early spring, the quantity and duration of daily light radiation are insufficient to optimize the photosynthesis process. Furthermore, the covering of the greenhouses to protect the plants from bad weather and all the structures positioned above the plants, are an additional filter to the passage of light radiation. Much of the crops planned for spring, therefore, appear thin and of lower quality than the same crops grown in more southern latitudes or in summer. Therefore, LED grow light fixtures can offer great help in obtaining superior quality plants and flowers in the greenhouse at any time of the year. It is no coincidence that LED grow light technology lamps are already widely used in countries such as Holland and Denmark, which boast considerable specialization in flower cultivation and are located in less favourable latitudes.

Lamps for floriculture greenhouses

LED grow lights offer great help in obtaining lush plants and flowers in the greenhouse at any time of the year

To simulate the sun’s rays in a balanced way, it is necessary to have a greenhouse light that emits a light beam similar to that normally absorbed by plants growing in a natural environment. In this way, even the so-called seasonal plants or flower crops, which in winter cannot bear the few hours of light and the harsh climate, in the greenhouse can find the optimal environment for their growth: it is thus possible to extend production even in the most disadvantageous months of the year.

Greenhouse floriculture with Grow Light technology

Extend the cultivation period, for strong and healthy flowers all year round.

Greenhouse floriculture with Grow Light technology

Extend the cultivation period, for strong and healthy flowers all year round.

The benefits of Grow Light technology

  • Lower energy consumption of the lighting fixtures and no maintenance (such as for example, the replacement of lamps).

  • Low temperature allowing grow light fixtures to be placed close to plants without any risk of overheating.

  • Lower energy consumption of greenhouse extraction systems due to the lower heat produced and lower humidity level due to water evaporation.

  • Longer lifespan (in HPS lamps, decay can be found already after 2.000 hours of use, while in LED luminaires it reaches 100.000 hours).

  • The aluminium structure of our LED grow lights products guarantees excellent heat dissipation and reliability over time of the LEDs and electronic components.

  • The colour of the light spectrum stimulates the growth process of the plant, also increasing its robustness and compactness even in less favourable seasonal moments.

Trust our experience for the LED lighting of your greenhouse

Energy analysis

Tailored for you.

Regardless of whether you are replacing some fixtures or completely renovating the lighting system, we can help you find the best possible solution, with a view to energy saving and performance. Ask us for a free consultation, together we will create a detailed plan tailored for you by analyzing the pre-existing situation.

Light consultancy

Our know-how at your service.

AEC Illuminazione’s know-how is at your service. We will help you create the most effective long-term lighting plan possible: from a completely new installation to a simple LED retrofit. Rely on us to receive personalized and targeted advice according to your real needs.

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