Photometric laboratories

AEC develops the optical systems of its luminaires and directly provides its customers with all the photometric and colorimetric information.

Photometric data
Within both AEC photometric laboratories a staff of professional measure the flux emitted by the device and detect the distribution of the light emission.
The labs are installed in two darkrooms covered with specific materials able to limit the amplification of the noise within permissible limits.
The dark room is provided with air-conditioning in order to maintain a constant temperature environment: a key factor for LED sources.

Integral radiometric measurement
One of the main tools of AEC photometric laboratories is the new integrating sphere installed inside an air conditioned room. The sphere allows AEC to detect all radiometric and colorimetric parameters in constant environmental conditions.
The sphere is used in accordance with the standard IES LM-79-08.

Direct radiometric measurement
AEC laboratory is also able to perform angular radiometric measurements.
This technique including a gonio-photometer and a radiometric instrument, allows to measure:
-    Photopic flux.
-    Scotopic flux.
-    CCT.
-    CRI.
-    Spectral distribution 350nm-1000nm (on specific angles).
Thanks to this technique it is possible to measure the main parameters that characterize the IEC EN 62471  (Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp system).

Lamps management
AEC products are equipped with the best lamps available in the market.
The lamps are aged and stored with dedicated systems in full compliance with the reference standard UNI EN 13032-1. Lamps are constantly measured as required by third parties and AEC is able to provide its customers with direct information on the quality of the used products.

LED and modules management
AEC has developed an internal procedure for the use and storage of LED modules even if a reference standard doesn't exists yet.
The laboratory is equipped with a storage warehouse and an internal modules welding station.
The laboratory performs tests on the expected lifetime and accelerated flow depreciation, CCT, CRI, for all the latest generation LEDs.

For the correct measurement of LED luminaires , AEC laboratory is equipped with a special pre-burning area where LED luminaires are switched on before the measurement in order to achieve the thermal electrical stability.
The room is featured by the same environmental characteristics of the measuring room where a gonio-photometer guarantees constancy also in the stabilization phase.
Each LED photometry provided by AEC is performed after the Pre-Burning phase.

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