• Railway station lighting project with TABLED from AEC
  • Railway station lighting project with TABLED from AEC
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Sandvika Station (Norway) | Tabled

Sandvika Stasjon is a railway station, opened in 1872 in Sandvika in Baerum (Norway). Located on the Drammen line, it is only a few kilometers from Oslo's main station and is used daily by a large number of passengers, making it one of the major bus terminals for the city.
The municipality has chosen TABLED Series by AEC Illuminazione that save a lot of energy compared to the old discharge system, thanks to the use of LED technology.
A well-lit platform roof allows better visibility of the rails, for who descend or climb into the convoy and increase the sense of safety of the users that wait the trains.
From an architectural point of view, the existing platform roof is supported by columns, allowing the waiting for direct access to the railway wagons. Built originally just like shelter from the rain to waiting passengers, it has recently been redesigned with replacing the efficient lighting system from AEC.

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