• Project for urban LED exterior lighting with Ecorays urban fixture
  • Project for urban LED exterior lighting with Ecorays urban fixture
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Legnaro (Italy) | Ecorays

Legnaro, Italian municipality, decided to refresh one of the parks in the city centre through new important urban actions including a new outdoor urban LED lighting. AEC has been called from the client for proposing new LED lighting efficient solutions for road and steeet, able to assure the municipality to save money on electrical costs.
Ecorays is the urban outdoor luminaire chosen for this project. The luminaire, designed by AEC, has been designed for the outdoor LED lights of parks, squares, city centres and urban roads.
Legnaro city has selected: ECORAYS TP – S – 4.3 – 2M.
The municipality was awared about all the benefits coming from LED technology for street and urban lighting. That’s the reason why they decided to replace all the old urban lamps installed in the park, adopting the new Ecorays series.
The new urban luminaire has delated dark zones, increase safety, and it allowed citizens to walk with the maximum safety during the night also.
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