• Project in Leghorn (Italy) with Liberty lantern the luminaire for a safer and efficient discharge urban lighting designed by AEC Illuminazione.
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Leghorn (Italy) | Liberty lantern

The Mascagni Terrace is one of the most elegant and striking places in Leghorn.
This art deco panoramic viewpoint is part of the city seafront, it is a promenade lined with palm groves and spotted by enchanting gazebos.
The promenade is the ideal place for a walk during the hot summer nights and a great place for jogging.
The Mascagni Terrace, that has been recently renovated, it is 8,900 sqm wide and it is composed of 4,100 decorative bollards and 34,800 tiles.
The central gazebo, brought back to its antique splendor, hosts concerts in summer time offering a staggering view over sea.
The lighting and the overall architecture of the place have remained unaltered until today. Thus, the choice of an historical lighting solution was considered more than appropriate.
The Liberty lantern, designed following the original model, contributes to the atmosphere during the day thanks to its unique cast iron candelabra and during the night thanks to its warm yellow light. The luminaire has its own style and high-quality light, a solution made to resist over the years. Due to the aggressive power of the surrounding saline environment, the luminaires and columns have been recently substituted with brand new high efficiency lamps and new power supply groups.
This solution matches the timeless beauty of the candelabra with the strictest standards on energy savings and efficiency.
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