• Project in Kviteseid (Norway) with Delos, the luminaire for efficient urban lighting designed by AEC Illuminazione
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Kviteseid (Norway) | Delos

Kviteseid is a small Norwegian village located in the typical county of Vest-Telemark. Tradition and high quality of life make this village a symbol of the characteristic Nordic way of life.
The lighting, especially during the winter long and dark nights, becomes a crucial issue in the general urban environment. It is not only a public service but a significant part of the urban furniture.
At Kvteseid, the Municipality specified the best lighting scheme able to meet these two key requirements.
The lighting scheme also aimed to increase the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. DELOS luminaires were installed all along the quiet streets of the village with a complete set of columns and brackets, featured by a unique shape and cast iron decors that add value and elegance to the complete series.
The choice of DELOS at Kviteseid guaranteed uniform lighting, considerable energy savings and a unique style.
A safe, functional and 100% made in Italy solution perfectly fitted with this typical Nordic urban setting.
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