• Oslo TABLED innovative LED lighting system created for the city of Oslo Norway
  • Oslo TABLED innovative LED lighting system created for the city of Oslo Norway
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Bærum Kulturhus (Norway) | Oslo TABLED

Bærum Kulturhus (project completed in 2013 and implemented in 2014 with Underhuset phase) is located in a particular building of important architectural aspects in Norway, designed by Snøhetta Architect studio. Bærum Kulturhus was born to create more curiosity and interested in citizens for cultural events. In fact, this place, features many different events internationally. Every year more than 550 small and big events are organized in this place.
The outdoor lighting represents one of the most important aspect because it must assure the promotion of the architecture, exalting all the details.
The floodlight has been designed specifically for Oslo municipality, in collaboration with Multilux (official AEC Partner for Norway).
Tabled is an innovative LED lighting system, designed by AEC Illuminazione which has permitted to provide the client in Oslo with an efficacy and customized solution, able to promote every detail of the building. The small floodlight has been nominated “Oslo Tabled” and it features reliability, long life-time, efficiency and low consumptions.
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