• Project in Abu Dhabi (UAE) with Logika, the luminaire for efficient urban lighting designed by AEC Illuminazione
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Abu Dhabi (UAE) | Logika

The Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is the largest amusement park in the world and it officially opened in November 2010.
The park is built under a 200,000m2 roof, an impressive architectural building on Yas Island, where millions of visitors gather every year enjoying the amazing attractions of this unique themed park.
A 100% “Made in Italy” world where AEC Illuminazione was chosen for the lighting of the entrance area and the traffic congested streets surrounding the building.
The luminaire has been designed for urban lighting, both LED and traditional technology.
With LOGIKA, AEC Illuminazione provides an urban system in two sizes, both featuring units that can be equipped with several optical assemblies as well as different types of brackets and poles, completing the range and satisfying the most varied installation needs.
For one of the most famous places all over the world, the Abu Dhabi Public Authorities desired the best, an advanced 100% Italian lighting.
The main focus is on high quality and high performance of the lighting product and this is one of the reasons they chose AEC Illuminazione.
Once again the company has confirmed to be able to offer a good solution in terms of quality, safety and energy efficiency.
The aim of this installation was to light up a wide area, making it safer and comfortable for all the family.
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