100,000 ITALO for Milan

This year Milan hosts the great event Expo 2015, the Universal Exposition starting on the first of May. The second largest city in Italy has reinvented itself in occasion of this event and it appears now in more efficient, eco-sustainable and safer light. Milan has been the first large city in Europe to take the decision for the large-scale upgrading of their road lighting to LED. AEC Illuminazione won the tender from the regional energy supplier (A2A S.p.A.) and has installed 100,000 ITALO lanterns.

Significant savings in terms of energy and maintenance costs were a tantalising lure for the city councillors, as was state-of-the-art luminaire design and distinctly improved quality of light for the streets and lanes of the urban metropolis. The “Milan LED” project has allowed a 51,8% reduction of energy costs and a 31% general cost cutting. Milan’s city hall stands to save 10 million euros on energy in the first year alone.

Choosing LEDs has allowed Milan to obtain many advantages in terms of eco-sustainability. Milan will release 23,650 less tons of CO2 and some 60,000 less bulbs every year – this means that 9 tons of RAEE refuse will be saved per year. In addition all the mercury and other polluting materials used in the previous lamps have been removed.

The new ITALO luminaires emit comfort and homogenous light for ideal visual conditions. The use of the new LED technology has led to an increase in reliability, safety and efficiency. The new luminaires have completely changed the urban landscape of Milan in full compliance with the reference standards on light pollution. The LEDs in fact concentrate the light emission towards streets and pavements without any upward emission.

ITALO. A safer, efficient and eco-sustainable product.

ITALO has been chosen for lot of city projects all over the world. The luminaire has demonstrated to be 100% “the key of energy savings”. With the project “Milan goes LED”, the LED advantages have confirmed to represent the best choice for a city who wish to reduce significantly the energy consumption always respecting the environmental issue.

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