LED Source

White light
The light emitted by LED sources is characterised by a high colour rendering which captures true colour perception. The result is a “more natural” vision of outdoor environments.

LED is a compact source used in many different kinds of installation.

High luminous efficiency
Considering the same light flow, LED sources absorb less power than traditional lamps. In terms of luminous efficiency, LED technology allows a substantial energy saving and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

LED technology allows an easy and reliable light output regulation with the colour temperature remaining unchanged.

Enviromental protection
LEDs act in compliance to the RoHS standard. These sources do not contain any toxic and damaging substances that could affect either the environment or health. In addition, LEDs do not emit UV and IR rays.

Expected Lifetime
With a stable power supply and an appropriate heat dissipation system able to cool the LEDs to a stable temperature, the light source reaches an expected lifetime of tens of thousands of hours.

Due to its long lifetime and maintenance limited to cleaning the glass, the use of a LED light source guarantees a substantial reduction in maintenance costs.
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