LED lighting for sport

Since 1957, AEC ILLUMINAZIONE has gained great worldwide confidence in the field of lighting. Its solutions for sport facilities of all sizes have always been synonymous with true innovation and high quality. Products designed and manufactured in order to improve the quality of light, reduce maintenance and increase energy savings. By choosing AEC as the only official partner for sports lighting, it means obtaining more efficient, safe and sustainable lights systems, helping to make the structure a modern and avant-garde place.
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Maintenance and easy installation

By choosing AEC Illuminazione solutions, you can reduce maintenance as well as facilitate installation. Our LED floodlights have been found to be flexible. The ALO product, for example, comes with two fixing systems. The first on bracket and the second is called "MICROMOOVER". Micromoover as it can be adjusted in steps of micro adjustments. This system has been officially patented by AEC and is ideal in contexts of limited space. Furthermore, it arises from the installer's need to facilitate aiming in the field.

Light quality

Light quality and high performance to ensure visual comfort on the pitch without bothering the players. AEC optics are created specifically to reduce glare. Furthermore, in the case of large stadiums, the advantage translates into excellent quality for sports TV shooting.

Innovative optical system

The efficient floodlight with ALO LED technology is distinguished by the patented B-ASYMMETRIC optical system, designed to reduce the number of luminaires installed, further reducing costs and consumption.

Football Field


Among the main characteristics of a football field, there is certainly the quality of the lighting system. Light represents a fundamental aspect from all points of view. The players, as well as the spectators, must not be bothered by the lighting. They must be ensured a high level of visual comfort and excellent visibility conditions. AEC and its innovative floodlights for sports structures respect all the fundamental parameters to ensure the success of a system.

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Why trust us

AEC ILLUMINAZIONE Official Lighting Partner of Spezia Calcio, is an italian company founded on research. The goal is to engage every day in the development of innovative smart lighting systems, capable of improving sports facilities and cities around the world, minimizing the impact on the environment. The company's commitment is to continuously improve products, services and production processes.

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AEC's ambitious research and development project operates in compliance with international lighting regulations and affects three macro areas of reference: optical, mechanical and electronic design. AEC acts daily to be 100% a Smart Factory. The investments carried out by the company concern the three branches "dictated" by industry 4.0, namely production, services and energy used.


The LED floodlight

ALO is AEC's 100% Made in Italy LED floodlight, specifically designed for lighting sports facilities. The arenas can become multifunctional structures, capable of attracting numerous shows, such as shows and concerts, as well as hosting different sports matches, which have different lighting needs.

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AEC Illuminazione becomes your only partner for the lighting of all areas of the sports facility. For over 60 years we have been providing technologically advanced solutions made entirely in the Tuscan company headquarters and with our sales network present in every Italian region and in over 50 countries around the world, we offer consultancy and design for every type of sports facility. Our team will be happy to provide you with a free consultation to analyze the needs of your system and find together the most suitable solution.
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