Innovative LED solutions for Horticulture

AEC continues to innovate and perfect the lighting also in specific sectors such as horticulture.
Choosing the eco-friendly LED Grow Light solutions of AEC, in fact, there are many advantages including the optimization of consumption, the reduction of maintenance costs and the absence of high temperatures, generated instead by traditional HPS lamps.

The LED Grow Light solutions can stimulate photosynthesis perfectly, extend the daylight period, make indoor growing possible and plan climate conditions according to the needs of different plants. The use of special LEDs that emit light at dedicated frequencies, in fact, with spectral levels capable of increasing production, leads to the optimization of available energy and environmental resources.

Main advantages compared to HPS traditional lighting

Spending on energy consumption is one of the most important items for growers. Replacing HPS lighting with AEC’s modern LED Grow Light technology leads to a cost reduction of up to 70% and a quick return on investment. Moreover, based on your needs and the results you want to achieve, we will evaluate the existing installation and provide clarifications and indications on how to optimize your lighting plan with AEC LED Grow Light solutions.

The LED luminaire has a life of at least 8 times greater than traditional HPS solutions. In addition, AEC’s Grow Light solutions are specially designed to withstand the harsh environment of production greenhouses: perfect resistance to humidity, temperature fluctuations and dust.

LED luminaires don’t generate heat like traditional HPS lamps. This allows to better control the climate in the greenhouse and to bring light sources closer if necessary.

LED luminaires are perfect for replacing traditional horticultural lighting: they are, in fact, completely free of pollutants such as metal halides and sodium vapours.

Work in synergy with the environment

Environmental sustainability and innovation are key concepts behind the development of our products. LED Grow Light solutions are designed to increase and extend crop seasonality by allowing you to program a constant production throughout the year, regardless of the different seasons.

The GQ1 Grow Light and GA Grow Light solutions are available with dimming option DALI.

GQ1 Grow Light and GA Grow Light: two specific LED solutions.

AEC provides two different LED solutions specifically developed for horticulture: GQ1 Grow Light and GA Grow Light.
Both lighting fixtures are distinguished by reliability, long life and very high energy efficiency.
Today, in fact, it is possible to increase lighting capacity without increased energy costs. The LED Grow Light solutions can supplement or replace natural lighting, providing the exact light spectrum and intensity needed. A correct and prolonged exposure to light, allows to speed up the crops, maximizing the resources available and making healthy and lush plants grow.
The total management of light also allows you to have a constant year-round production.

GA Grow Light: Linear Lighting

GA Grow Light it is the ideal solution for linear greenhouse lighting. Unlike the HPS lamps, the absence of high temperatures generated by the LED source, allows the installation of GA also very close to the plants and therefore makes it suitable also for vertical greenhouses. The aluminium body, PMMA screen and the protection degree IP66 make the product ideal for installations in particularly humid environments, where maximum safety and reliability is required.

GA Grow Light is equipped with LED specially designed for horticulture in order to promote excellent plant growth, even in the absence of natural light. 
Symmetrical optic beam-angle 80° LED engine composed of sources defined in spectral length:
BLU 445 nm 25%
RED 640 nm 40%

GQ1 Grow Light: the powerful solution

GQ1 Grow Light is the most powerful horticultural solution developed by AEC Illuminazione.
The luminaire is featured by three types of aluminium optics, that guarantee a perfect light distribution and make it the suitable solution for many projects. GQ1 Grow Light also guarantees maximum reliability and excellent thermal performance, even in particularly harsh conditions.
The luminaire is tested for working conditions up to 50 °C of ambient temperature and offers IP66 protection degree
GQ1 Grow Light is equipped with LED specially selected for horticulture, in order to promote excellent plant growth, even in the absence of natural light.
LED engine composed of sources defined in spectral length:
BLU 445 nm 20%
IPER RED 665 nm 80%

Four optics avilable:

Find out more technical details of GQ1 Grow Light in the brochure.
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