History and meaning of the AEC Illuminazione logo


In the following in-depth analysis we will tell the story and the meaning of the AEC Illuminazione logo. Before going into detail, we will analyze what the logo is for companies and the value it determines.

Theoretical premise

What is a logo

The word "logo" comes from the Greek "λόγος" which means "word" and indicates a graphic sign or symbol used to express a concept, an identity, a value.
A logo has meaning because it refers to a universe of signs and symbols of the literary and visual language. Used for centuries, the logo is capable of evoking a particular meaning or entity in the mind of the observer, assuming tangible and intangible characteristics.

The importance of logo for companies

Especially since the industrial revolution, the most important companies in the world have decided to enclose all their know-how in a symbol, an iconography that could pass on their image over the centuries.
With this very important communication strategy, the visual identity of a logo can determine whether or not a consumer is linked to the brand, an expression of the human intellect that from thought becomes form.

But what is the AEC Illuminazione logo history? 

A logo that evolves with Italy

We are in full economic boom, where Italy is going through a period of unprecedented economic and social revolution. The country, which emerged from the ruins of the Second World War, becomes one of the major industrial powers on the planet with a radical change in the uses, customs and needs of the population. Countries change their appearance by transforming themselves into cities, while the system of communications, customs and industry is profoundly revolutionized.
In this period of great changes, Cino Cini, a young entrepreneur born in Subbiano (Tuscany) in 1919, grows up with the thought that light is increasingly becoming an essential element of modern society.
His passion has always been to play with light, so much so that in 1957 he realized his dreams by founding Tecnar for the first time, a company with innovative and functional products specializing in lighting shelving for commercial activities. The demand for mass consumer goods grows considerably and Cino Cini decides to break away from Tecnar by founding the a.e. cini (Azienda Elettrica Cini) specializing in metal furnishings and modular shelving, registering the first patent with "Inca Bloc" in 1957. Business proceeds positively and Cino CIni specializes as a group of industrial and interior lighting fixtures in 1959.


From this moment on, the company entered the world of lighting for large-scale distribution, publishing its paper price list of indoor lighting fixtures. In 1960 the company took on the acronym of AEC for the first time, three letters in succession of capital character that describe the brand, thanks to which the products begin to acquire a very important intangible value.

AEC Illuminazione logo notoriety

In 1966, after the devastating flood that hit the city of Florence, Cino Cini was commissioned by the Florentine municipality to provide the new public and decorative lighting for the city. The company's first major Italian client. An opportunity to start the large production of artistic cast iron candelabra for the lighting of historic centers and to start industrial production for the cities.
In 1967 Cino Cini registered his first patent for public lighting, a modular pole whose section could vary according to the customer's request. It was a great innovation for the time, which placed the AEC logo at the top of the market, synonymous with innovation, quality and Italian know-how.

In the 1970s, the importance of communication grew exponentially. Apple makes the first computers for mass production and changes the dynamics of sales and marketing, laying the foundations for the cultural and digital development that will characterize the companies of the next millennium. It is in this period, in 1971, that Cino Cini works on new implementations of the AEC logo, he studies, designs, deletes, searches for a certain thing that could describe his whole idea of ​​lighting in a single stroke.
An important insight, a first step that will lay the foundations for the rise of today's AEC Illuminazione brand. In 1978, convinced that light could really bring about a positive change in modern society, Cino Cini decided to combine the acronym "AEC" with that of "Illuminazione": an innovative action for the time and which positioned the brand in the mind of the consumer as an industrial production company of street luminaires for public lighting.

AEC Illuminazione logo development

In the same period, AEC dedicates important investments to the new production of street lighting luminaire and Cino Cini is still looking for new ideas to improve its corporate communication. He studies, draws, deletes, searches for the certain thing that could describe his whole idea in a single stroke, a character, a symbol that could describe a lighting fixture, an idea that should be handed down from generation to generation. It is in this period that Cino Cini encloses the 3 letters “AEC” in 3 squares placed in clockwise order, followed by the symbol of the luminous flux, wich is identified in physics with Φ (phi).

AEC Illuminazione logo affirmation

In 1984 the fortunes of the company changed. Cino Cini suddenly disappears and his son Alessandro Cini takes over the management and artistic direction, taking with him the important teachings of his father.
Alessandro's great work begins with a succession of considerable investments in the territory. In 1988, a relocation and construction plan for the new plant was implemented and in 1999 the company was certified with the ISO 9001:1994 quality system, a recognition that rewards the work and seriousness of all AEC Illuminazione staff.
In 2010, a fundamental strategic change took place for the company: from the production of discharge lighting solutions to that of LED public lighting luminaires, an innovative impetus towards new opportunities and new horizons of the AEC Illuminazione logo.
At this precise historical moment, the logo evolves with the successes of the company and takes its characteristic shape thanks to a new restyling. The acronym AEC, Azienda Elettrica Cini, is harmoniously designed in three squares placed successively in clockwise order and flanked from the symbol Φ (phi), a character that could connote all the values ​​of the company in a single stroke.

AEC Illuminazione logo evolution since 1956

AEC Illuminazione logo today


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