Company Policy

AEC Illuminazione, a company that operates in the design and production market, by means of mechanical process, laser cutting, welding, sandblasting, painting, assembly and test of lighting luminaries, poles for public lighting and accessories, intends, in the logic of quality which has always driven it to satisfy its Customers by providing them with a product and service in a workmanlike manner, make every effort to ensure that the pollution deriving, directly and indirectly, from their activities carried out in the establishments of Via Righi and of Via Fermi and its products, is constantly limited and reduced, and that the health and safety conditions within the same establishments are always adequate, with a view to continuous improvement.

For this purpose, AEC Illuminazione has established in its organization a Business Management System, integrated Health and Safety, Environment, Quality, in compliance with ISO 45001 "Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements with guidance for use”, ISO 14001 “Environmental management system - Requirements with guidance for use”, ISO 50001 “Energy management systems - Requirements with guidance for use”, ISO 9001 “Quality management systems - Requirements”, which is described in the Company Management System Manual and detail defined in the related company Procedures.
Therefore, AEC Illuminazione undertakes not only to comply with all applicable legal and other provisions, but also and above all to direct its choices to improve the products and services provided to the customer, to improve health and safety conditions in the places of work, to the reduction and forecast of potential environmental impacts and to improve its energy performance, aspects related to the entire production cycle and to all the life phases of the luminaires that it produces and places on the market.

The continuous implementation of the Company Management System in the workplace allows the company to achieve continuous improvement, by achieving the following macro-objectives:

To satisfy the customer and all stakeholders
To invest in research and development for the design and construction of luminaires that increasingly guarantee better energy efficiency, improve the level of reliability over time and optimize the working conditions of those who use them in terms of safety, ease of use, ergonomics, etc.
To reach the objectives of conformity of its products through the prevention of problems and errors and therefore through the respect of documented rules and information
To minimize pollutant emissions in all environmental matrices over the course of their production cycle
To improve waste management
• To improve energy performance
To prevent accidents at work
• To prevent operators from contracting occupational diseases of any kind or entity
Sensitize workers to safety issues by involving and periodically consulting them, mainly through their WRS
Inform, train and sensitize all workers and, when necessary, train them on corporate risks in order to carry out their duties safely and to take on their responsibilities regarding safety at work with specific reference to the job performed
• To make the whole company structure participate, according to its duties and competences, in the achievement of the company objectives
• To work in compliance with the reference standards of own Company Management System

The achievement of these standards involves the definition of specific measurable and quantifiable objectives, which are explained and monitored during the System Review phase carried out periodically by the Management. All the company managers are required to implement the Company Management System, to disseminate knowledge and to monitor operational activities systematically, to ensure that all the staff operate with adequate expertise with regard to the methods defined in the company Procedures.
All the staff is committed to pursuing continuous improvement in the development of their activities, within the framework of company policy and directives.
The Company Policy is re-approved at least once a year during the System Review by the Management and / or updated following possible events or situations that make it necessary.

Informazioni generali
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