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What it’s possible to do with AEC fixtures in street and urban LED lighting.
The demands of modern cities are creating more and more innovate smart technologies for urban solutions. Citizen well-being as well as environmental sustainability, energy and cost savings are all influencing municipal design. 
Cities continue to grow as economies evolve and people seek more opportunities.
Thousands of commuters pass through urban areas and as pollution and crime levels rise, city designers are looking for solutions for making cities not only desirable, but safe, clean and sustainable. Advances in clean and smart infrastructure, all enabled by connected devices as part of the Internet of Things (IoT), help to achieve these solutions.  
Inefficient lighting wastes money and leaves an environmental footprint.
With AEC’s integrated smart LED lighting systems, energy consumption can be optimized as well as guaranteeing cost savings and urban safety.  

AEC luminaires are developed with the best in LED technology and are integrated with modern lighting control systems for increased energy savings. AEC street fixtures minimize environmental impact reducing energy consumption and costs for civil authorities.
The possibility to integrate luminaires with AEC’s remote tele-management system allows municipalities to remotely monitor lighting installations in order to optimize maintenance activities and civilian safety. In the event of a fault, the automatic alarm allows maintenance to be planned in advance, minimizing any waste of resources.

AEC’s light control system can easily communicate with motion, traffic and weather sensors and supply lighting “on demand”. The solution can also be used along with existing systems and there is the possibility to integrate lighting columns with surveillance cameras for added public area safety and security.
Regular testing in compliance with European standards of both AEC’s smart lighting control system and the luminaires is carried out, ensuring AEC luminaires installed with AEC’s control system guarantees user safety.

AEC Case Studies | Efficient LED lighting projects.

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Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and Turin cities have changed their outdoor lighting with new efficient, safer and sustainable LED lighting solutions by AEC.
These cities are now efficient, functional. They have increased energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, increased safety for drivers and citizens, decreased light pollution and CO2 emission.
With the new street LED lighting, they have improved the life quality of citizens, tourists, and they have allowed drivers to drive in a safer and functional way.
AEC street fixtures assure quality, performance and high levels of energy savings.

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