Our values ​​and our commitment
AEC's corporate philosophy promotes a culture oriented towards an increasingly sustainable corporate balance. Sustainability for AEC represents an important factor in its development process and performance improvement: an essential element of the core business.
AEC also invests heavily in the professional development of the Team with the aim of increasing its talent and passing down the various professional skills from generation to generation.

Our projects and initiatives
AEC is aware of its responsibility towards the environment, which is why it has always carried out all activities in respect and harmony of the place in which it is located. The Company carries out awareness-raising projects aimed at setting a good example, thus committing itself to promoting initiatives of various kinds.

Awareness raising in schools
AEC gave primary school children in the area stainless steel water bottles: a sustainable and design solution for daily hydration that completely eliminates the use of plastic bottles.
"We wanted to give a special gift to all elementary schools because we strongly believe that education and respect for the place we live in is an essential basis that we should all have. Today's children can change tomorrow and we wanted to help them to understand its importance."
Marketing Office

Refresher courses for the AEC Team
AEC invests heavily in the Staff, in their training and continuous updating on company initiatives. For this reason, meetings are frequently organized where the whole Team becomes aware of the new environmental rules adopted by the company.
AEC's commitment on the environmental issue extends to every single internal department with the aim of raising awareness on this delicate issue that is very important for the Company.

Mission: to make cities eco-sustainable
AEC contributes to make cities around the world eco-sustainable through energy efficiency projects where its high-performance LED lighting systems reduce CO2 emissions and light pollution.
Respect for the places we live in has always been a fundamental criterion in AEC's projects. 
Today the company has acquired great trust worldwide thanks to many energy projects both in Italy and abroad, aimed at the sustainability and energy efficiency of cities.

Eco-sustainable packaging
Also for the packaging, AEC has chosen a completely sustainable packaging. The boxes are made of recycled cartoon and the films in which they are packaged are made of "triogreen" material based on fossil-free green polyethylene with a very low carbon footprint. Not only that, all AEC boxes have been remodelled to reduce their size, thus taking up as little space as possible.

Green areas in AEC
In AEC, there are several green areas dedicated to nature and the environment: sustainability has always been a personal passion of the company. Indoor vertical gardens and greenhouses for horticulture are two examples of green spaces within the Headquarters. Here the LED solutions designed directly by the Team make it possible to grow plants.

Informazioni generali
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